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Me making a face with my guitar

guitar, face, eye, brow, eyebrow

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I don't know why I'm uploading this, even though I really don't call this art... but if it's anything, I guess it would be photography. :P

People in the band used to LOVE to get me to do this face... with the eyebrow raised. :P And I know, I'm ugly aren'y I? :P

And yea, that's my guitar (that I don't use as much as the other one). This one is in a tuning I like to call the "Shaun Groves tuning." Shaun Groves is one of my favorite Christian music artists (I love his voice), but he can't play guitar in standard tuning because his fingers aren't strong enough for bar chords, so he came up with a tuning that allows him to play easier, and without having to use bar chords. If you play guitar, let me share what these notes are. :P

The big E string is tuned down to a C,
the A is tuned down to a G,
the D is tuned down to a C,
the G stays the same,
the B is tuned up to a C,
and the small E string stays the same.
Notice that without pushing any frets down, you already have a C chord, or a 1 chord.
For the 5, put your fingers on the 3rd fret 1st string,
2nd fret 2nd string,
and 2nd fret 4th string.
The 4th chord is a bit tricky.
Put your finger on the 5th fret 6th sting
and 2nd fret 5th string.
Yea, quiet an acrobatic reach, but he usually has his capo on somewhere, so the frets are a little closer, so It's a little easier then. Sometimes, it's best not to play the 1st string.

So yea, just some random stuff that non musician and non guitarists can skip. :P


3/11/2010 5:26 PM Premium
Awesome work! Share this media with your friends and fans to get more votes.

11/22/2009 9:12 AM
Dastardly : )



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Date: 11/21/09
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