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Aug 15, 2003

It's not how beautiful I was, Lord of My Dreams...

Caught between the blades of carnificial scissors,
crimson fluids oozed from my body,
purpurean and clear,
glistening with chrysal Truth
under the selfless Elysian sight...

the ancient colossus fed the earth with its deformed remains,
pausing in the wretched tumescence of a breathless chiliad...
Rewoven out of Khaos,
billions of atoms absolved Stillness of Time with Silence of Heart,
and, Nirvanic,
I left behind ghosts of the past,
with their lacerated rhymes and lost paths...

It's not how beautiful I was,
but how Orphic...
how unfeigned...
how Empyrean,
this journey out of Hades...

You were standing on the edge of Me,
hurt by the sorrow, and the mystery of Us...
Tears in your emerald smile unveiled
the hidden realms of an illusive Walhalla:
'Nymph Of My Soul, open unearthly gates to Rapture...
Beyond our trystic union lies a Nuptial Eden...
Don't run, Blue Syren...'

Mollified with a yearning for a cathartic End...
an unmarred Beginning,
I stared Fate dead in the Eye,
and flew high above the astral spheres...

It's not how beautiful you were, My Love...
God of Seraphic Reveries...

Viciously ripped by the accursed Squalls of Darkness,
your heart throbbed, writhed in the throes of an Unsettled War...
Entombed under a moonlit eclipse,
your entranced aurora weathered The Cold Season,
and your cadaverous arm,
sealed on a spectral dagger,
welcomed these renascent dawns alive,
Divinely Resurrected...

It's not how beautiful you were,
but how enduring...
how unsullied...
how unerring
this journey out of Hades...


3/19/2010 1:42 PM Premium
Nice work! Be sure to upload some more content.



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