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There were times
you were far but near -
my love flooded,
expanding itself in rhymes
of newly born dawns

There were times
the night spoke of miracles and magic
your words tearing down silence,
caressing the scarred lines of my hips

There was a time
the Past, Present and the Absolute
drew me into the breath of my immortal lover:
'Breathe with me the magic of the Sun,
the warmth of the Moon', he said
'Lay naked in the Sands of Time
Let your hair curl its way into the Sea,
fertile and pure
Blissfully united,
we will re-wing the Universe
Smell with me the freedom of a thousand worlds,
My One True Love

Unclothed and Alive,
tear your mortal chains;
give in to the Truth of my stare,
the grass of my eyes;
flow with the rhythm of my touch,
You, My Crystal-Clear Ocean
Surrender to our gnostic kiss,
bless your chrysal sheets with our sacred blood,
My Fata Morgana

Walk out of Hell with me, Eurydice
Enchanting lyres will soften the Realms of Silence,
easing the pain of my reckless glance back,
our broken hearts
your Second Death
Prophetic oracles have spoken of our nuptial eternity,
do wait for me, My Lost Bride

Look into the face of your Flawless Self
I can see your True Beauty
a vatic wholeness beyond duality,
untamed, timeless Abyss of Change,
spiraling serpent wisdom easing its intense thirst
within the virginal cycles of nature,
My Heavenly Mistress Medusa'

There was a time days were but nights
coffined, entrapped,
my entombed soul craved to illumine Redress
inside a fragile carcass
Haunted, and hunted, I melted into sorrow,
mis-wound by holocaustic storms to hidden Higher Realms

There came a time
when black-holed nights
became but dawns of a New Era -
Polar Eves running into
the Sun

I Am

I am the Earth Gaia
the Divine Feminine emerging
from Nothingness and the cry of Khaos,
nurturing balance that deepens the Seas of Time,
liquid, vibrating Universal form
protogenos Mother of All

I am Aurora Borealis
the Morning Star,
mystically dwelling in the Abyss of Transmutation

I am a Flower of Ra -
an embryonic bearer of cups
tracing the Path of Light with a Heart of Fire

I am Psyche...
all-wholeness unlocked by a major trans-Form-ation of the Higher Trinity...
I am the depth of a sigh melting into
intimacy and union.
I am billions of women
their long hair spread on moist covers,
secret whispers burnt into the magic of ultimate abandon
and ecstasy...

I am a Metamorphosis the Lover
mythical wonder breaking the mundane
into its true Highest Being

I am Zamolxes the Dacian
the barbarian princess kneeling a foreign king
I am the Soul of my Carpathian Mountains
nighttime creatures hauling through my veins,
consumed by their own intensity:
such passion and hunger for The Light
Did you see their glowing eyes burning?
Did you see mine?

I am Prometheus
the willow weeping on Her bones and dreams.

I am the Rain
heart-tearing songs emerging,
purified in their perfection,
out of my Hell and Sorrow,
as You are gone,
my First and Last,
my only

There were times I wondered,
from such distance,
of future paths, and unknown, hidden treasures beyond a limited reality

There came a time my heart opened, unguarded and free,
to the far-away call of a stranger
enchanting hope glowing in the midst of the Darkest Eve

There came times I lay before you,
painfully peeled off Past
'Love Of My Life', I whispered, with passion and accedence,
'those centuries that hurt
gave me the priceless gift of You,
curving my way back to Us
Unconsciously drawn,
ravenous tears have trailed the way to you,
Dream Lover,
Mystic Flame irreversibly Unbound on a destined night'

Then came the times I kneeled,
crucified on the cross within your name,
soaked in our homogenous blood
My bruised soul longed for that winter's Angel Of Truth
a phantom,
slayer of my damnation,
harsh, unyielding carnifex,
then inhaled
infinite times within the Fall of Me,

You Are...


12/17/2009 9:03 AM Premium
Thanks for uploading this media! Use the promote tools to get the exposure you deserve.

5/28/2007 10:13 AM
Oh, I love this! :)



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