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Florence the 1500s
Streets covered in withered petals,
and words, whispering,
creamed and tender in the morning haze

'I will return with the moonlit winds', she said
'A far-away voice calls the will of fate,
and deep bells resonate destiny
behind the aphotic shadows in my sleep
But my heart rests with yours, forever
I will leave with the first sun,
and return with the lustful songs of the night
Revel in this last kiss,
and let the twilight gleams seal our first,
again, Mio Angelo'

'Don't leave', he said
'An unknown sense hurls hailstorms,
drowning my soul in fear
Lie between these warm sheets with me, Amore
The morning howl would freeze the falling sleet onto your frail eyelids

Here, you are safe,
enshrined in the breath illumed
between these lips and your homesick wings
Don't heed the call of darkness, Mia Carra stay'

A strange heartbeat echoed,
rising loud over her feet
hasting recklessly
across the cold pavement,
around the cursed corner
'Why such doubts and dread?',
she pondered, perusing his frozen fret
his wintry woe

Astray in thoughts, she did not see,
the louring glow of the blade crying out the rampant madness
of a man breathing fury,
cutting the odds, and her path, with the scarred dagger in his hand,
screaming his rage against the anguished gods

Venice the New Millennium
The waters once washing away her slashed ashes
had reached a new shore, at last
Splashing against the stolid stones,
lulling at the feet of lovers elating the bittersweet sunset
with reveries of a new horizon,
a far-away quiver avowed the familiar waves
with livid lianes of lucid angst
She turned her enchanted face looking him deep in the eye,
hands holding his head with entranced grace,
her wild waves of hair embracing the long locks
curling, dark, over his shoulders

'Don't leave',
she said,
'I won't'


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