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On the Road



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This track is about the feeling you get when your on the road to somewhere you've never been. It was inspired after a night of Karaoke. A group of friends had dinner and started discussing where to go next. After a quick cell phone call we had directions to "The Karaoke" bar. Only having heard about it, the three of us were generating an expectant mood. From the outside no one had much to comment about. Expectations growing, we entered the hallway, and climbed up the stairs. Possible comments building with each step. We pulled open the double doors and found ourselves inside. We paced in slowly taking in all of the new scenery. We ordered our first round and started to boasting positively about our new surroundings. Our friend was right, it really is the coolest Karaoke scene in town. Shortly after that night I was feeling a little unwound. I didn't have as much on my mind, as usual. I just sat down and put some notes together for the fun of it. The resulting sound is On the Road.


12/17/2009 12:47 PM Premium
Great Stuff! You should try bidding for a spot on the Wall of Fame.



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Date: 11/24/09
Music: Electronica