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are you more than just one? Than join me and write to Taltopia on this issue

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Are you more that just one type of "Musician" "Painter" "Writer" "Model", OR ALL COMBINED, etc. Than write to Taltopia and sat it. I can't label myself as just one type of anything. I do music( not just one type of genre), but i also draw, write, etc. My point is that on taltopia i'm just a musician. i don't need/or have time to make 3 or 4 different types of accounts. I am a man of any passions... a "renaissance man"(a person who excels in multiple fields). If you feel the same way than write to taltopia saying you are more that"JUST ONE TYPE". Thanks for Reading. Peace.


5/5/2010 9:37 PM
oh at least someone spoke up for thier rights i like that!

12/9/2009 7:28 AM
OK...Now I know who started the "Just One Type" thing :)!!!

William Fu...
12/8/2009 10:35 PM
Thanks for everyone that helped me out by writing to Taltopia. Now Taltopia is changing the way WE label ourselves. We are no more than "just one type" of anything anymore. we can be lots of different types of artists at the same time!



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William Fu...

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