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Athens Clarke county police: Illegal search and false arrest!!!!

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You might want to fast forward to 8:23 because that's hen it all really starts.

I did edit this video a little, but if I didn't it would have been 7 hours long(due to the fact that I was in jail and that's all my computer could hold). I got back and then edited me changing shirts for the police)... to be honest... know one wants to see that. anyway, what happened(in relevance to all of this) is there. i JUST got dropped for the charge of obstruction because the athens, georgia police illegally searched my home! so here's what happened: i called the police because my things on my porch were being broken dew to people being drunk and shit would not stop. Anyway, I (as most of you know) know that a lot of cops will do anything they want and give you some bullshit answer, thinking that because they are cops they have "the right" to do whatever they do. I never trusted "the system" because to much bullshit happens on A REGULAR BASIS. So, I used my web cam as soon as the police were on their way(i did edit the some whole taping because it would have been 7 hours long just because i never had a chance to stop the recording on my computer). I told them that they could not go in my house... But when I pulled the door shut they jerked and bent me over my porch railing as they but and cuffs on me (and you can hear say their reason for it was "collecting evidence") witch really means a bullshit reason to go into my house. This morning(SEPTEMBER, 22, 2009) I was told by my lawyer that the charge of "obstruction" was dropped BY THE PROSECUTOR. That is great. The only thing that PISSES ME OFF IS THE FACT THAT I SPENT 10 DAYS IN JAIL. I SPENT 250 ON MY BOND. IF I DID NOT HAVE THAT MONEY I WOULD HAVE SPENT 2 MOUTHS IN JAIL FOR SOMETHING THE ATHENS POLICE FUCKED UP ON. I LOST MY FOOD STAMPS AND HAD TO WAIT 3 AND A HALF WEEKS(AFTER I GOT OUT) TO GET MY FOOD STAMPS BACK BECAUSE I HAD A DEADLINE TO MEET WHILE I WAS IN JAIL. I I'M INNOCENT (BY LAW NOW) AND THE ATHENS POLICE ILLEGALLY WENT INTO MY HOME AND WENT THROUGH MY EVERYTHING AND NOTHING HAPPENED TO THEM! So here is the video of what happened! start looking on 8:23 because that's when the cops tried to go into my house and I closed the door back. Then I was put in cuffs and made to lean over my porch railing while the cops went into my house. hope you enjoy the Athens Clarke County police bullshit.


5/5/2010 9:35 PM
ya nosy pigs i agree this is famed

2/22/2010 4:31 PM Premium
Good work! You should try bidding for a spot on the Wall of Fame.

12/9/2009 7:24 AM
OMG...THAT is REALLLLLLY messed up dude...I'm sorry you had to go through that :(

11/26/2009 10:31 AM
nosey pigs.....suck.



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