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give me something


Give something, To let me know someone cares, Help me hide, From all the hatred stares, The scars on my wrist tell it all, About the boy who let me fall, Now im falling apart, See the bloody blade,its oh so sharp, The blood begins to run, Oh how I wish I had a gun, My dreams are falling apart, One by one they all depart, My heart now is made of stone, The bright lights have gone now never to be re-shown, Waiting for this game to end, Im falling apart and I can no longer stand, Now I hang from a knot, No one would have ever thought, I fell apart starting with my broken heart, The game has finally ended now, With a graceful silent bow...

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Um...Just a random poem


12/28/2009 5:27 PM Premium
Awesome Stuff! Be sure to upload some more content.



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Date: 11/26/09
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