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Rock Millennium (TDB)

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This is a song I wrote for my cartoon band, The Doovie Brothers. The Doovie Brothers are a creation of mine, as I am not only a music person, but a creative writing person and cartoon person. :)
What makes this song different from my other songs is that on this one, I didn't program the instruments on the computer to play perfectly in time and all. I recorded every single instrument you hear. Though I can play trumpet, the trumpet you hear is my keyboard, not me playing. Everything you hear is either me singing "AH," playing guitar (through amp, or acoustically), or playing on my keyboard. :) No, the rhythms aren't perfectly straight like they would be if I programmed the notes on the computer... so yea, this is a piece of me. :P I wrote the song as I went along. :)

I don't have a perfect microphone either... it's a mic for a web cam actually... but I got the job done with what I had. :P And actually what I did with the keyboard voices, I plugged it into my guitar amplifier to make it a little louder... and so you wouldn't be able to hear my fingers pound on the keys as bad. :)

I think the first and last melody stink :P, but I LOVE the piano part at 3:35! That's a beautiful part I wrote... besides the fact that the rhythm isn't perfectly straight... but oh well... it's kind of hard to play right with a metronome ticking to help me keep the beat, but I tried. :P

And yea, it is all me. I am The Doovie Brothers. Ben M = The Doovie Brothers. :P I pretend a lot of the times that the trumpet is Phil Marshall, the sax is Doov Groove, the guitars are Mack McDonald, and so on, but it's all me. :) I'm strange like that. :P

Enjoy Rock Millennium. :) On the Doovie Brothers' imaginary CD, Live On, this song was made to show the next generation of musicians how fun making music is... especially when your with a bunch of musicians writing music together in a band or something. :) I wish I had people I could write songs with, but sadly I go it alone. :(

-writing music is probably my favorite hobby and talent out of all of my talents. :)


12/1/2009 9:34 AM
Love your work



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Date: 11/30/09
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