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Hell Hath No Fury Like Me-Poem


Hell Hath No Fury Like Me How dare you judge me, you indignant pig You are just an insect on the outskirts of my mind Enthralled by your own brainless assumptions What do you expect? You intolerant fool! I am not your pet I am no longer enamored by your pointless hypocrisy Confuse me, you illustrious tadpole Blood is dripping from the spear you thrust in my back You think you are so deep I can see right through your soul Your pathetic lies, your selfish endeavors I think you forgot to take your lithium today Your asinine ramblings disgust me Your daring defiance is a fallacy I am swooning at your feet What a rebel, Im quivering Your empty compassion is so refreshing Your contrived love for humanity, what a joke! Im lying naked on the ground, helpless Devour me, scorn me, you parasite I thirst for your torment My limbs are numb Touch me, with your inflated ego Then just walk away, but dont turn back I wont be waiting for your apathetic apology I dont want to hear your distorted explanations of morality Your repentance is boring me You have no concept of mercy or affection In your infectious mind Your notion of regret is comparable to that of a serial pedophile Youre sucking me dry There is nothing left, except my distorted image Of your misguided confessions Stop toying with my emotions I am not a child and you are not my god Make up your mind I am not a fucking light switch I had a dream last night or should I call it a nightmare You told me you loved me You told me you needed my undying devotion Then you laughed out loud You fraudulent sack of shit Thanks for the memories Now all I picture is your sociopathic frame Haunting me for eternity Please sleep, my sweet For you may never wake again Dream about me, my love I may be your destiny I may be your god

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12/1/2009 9:23 AM
Love it.



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Date: 12/1/09
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