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ELC comic #1: Faith - storyline

Written by Ben Mullins The Extraordinary League of Christianity Comic one Faith: Christian Superpower The city of Senson! A somewhat peaceful city from a view far off. But whats this as we look closer at the national bank and trust?!?! A robbery seems to be taking place! A dark black van stops at the entrance of the bank and three people with guns come running out of the back! Oh no! All hope seems lost for the bankers as well as the people inside! The thugs kick open the bank doors, walk in, and shoot their guns up in the air to scare everyone. GET YOUR HEADS DOWN, EVERYONE! This is a hold up! Yells the lead thug. Everyone puts their heads down on the ground as they are told. Heres the deal! You dont interrupt us from taking what we want, no one gets hurt! Got that?!? Being scared to death, no one said a word. I said GOT IT?!?!?!?!?! he screamed with a louder emphasis. Then responding at multiple times, the innocent crowd replies with a yes. With one of the thugs guns pointed at the banker, the lead thug ordered that the banker move out from the counter so he can take the money easier. One small mistake from the crowd could make these three thugs kill everyone in the bank! Everyone was scared! There was a business man in a suit worried that he wouldnt be able to explain his idea to his boss tomorrow for a good raise. There was a construction worker afraid he might leave his wife and kids if he dies. And there were many other scared people in the crowd, but in the midst was a preacher. Still with fear, he had faith that God would pull everyone through the tough situation! Then with a great the bank door opened and the thugs heard the words, Stop right there, you evil doers! The man who said these words was none other than with Lady Nature and Gastro-Man by his side in The Extraordinary League of Christianity! The girls then noticed that voice and screamed with joy, Yippie!! Its Super-Christian!! Then, Lady Nature turned to Super-Christian and softly said, Wow, it seems as if they always notice you. Then, Super-Christian loudly said to the thugs, Behold, we stand in the name of the All the thugs then tried to fight their selves from laughing! Then the lead thug said, Psht! Do you really believe your God can stop us from stealing money! Yea, right! The cops dont even have the courage to stop us, so theres no way your God can! Hey, I dont like the way youre putting Gods name in quotes! said Gastro-Man. Then, the thug continued, Why dont you Jesus Freaks just come on down to reality and stop believing in a stupid, invisible, mythical God? Dumb Christians. Then with an angry deep feminine voice, Lady Nature said, You just made your first big mistake, fool! Oh what? Is your God going to come down and strike me dead with lightning? Oh, Im so scared, the lead thug said sarcastically. Then, Super-Christian replied, No, but our God will punish you through us! Then using his super power known as God began to strengthen Super-Christian greatly! The stronger he got, the brighter he got, scaring the thugs in the process. Uh boss? I think its time to go now! said one of the thugs to the lead thug. Get me the money, guys! said the lead thug. The thugs grabbed all they had and gave it to the lead thug. Ok guys, keep these Christians busy while I get the money to the van out the back door! ordered the lead thug. As the lead thug ran out the back door, he pushed a red button on a device that signaled more backup thugs to help. The thugs were ready to fire at Super-Christian, but before the thugs could fire their guns, Super-Christian quickly charged at them with much force! The thugs guns fell out of their hands, as well as their britches! Youre under arrest, you have the right to but before Super-Christian could finish his sentence, the reinforcement thugs came up behind Super-Christian and Gastro-Man and tackled them, preventing them from stopping the moving van! Let me help, Christian! We need to hurry so we can stop the van! said Lady Nature. Then Super-Christian replied, You go on and stop that van! Me and Gastro-Man can handle these thugs! Then, Lady Nature began to ask, But what if I JUST GO!!! said Super-Christian interrupting Lady Nature. Ok. Ok, she said as she followed the van. As the multitude of thugs covered our heroes, it seemed like Super-Christian and Gastro-Man were beat. But still using faith, Super-Christian began to charge up power and with a loud he was able to use a strong force to blow the thugs off him. Gastro-Man was also able to gain enough gas to burp the thugs off of him. Wow, glad I ate that chili cheeseburger this morning, said Gastro-Man to Super-Christian. And with a lot of punching and kicking, Super-Christian and Gastro-Man were able to beat up all the thugs until the thugs could no longer move. The thugs were arrested later by the cops, but there were still two other thugs on the run in their van. The van took a left, then a sharp right. They thought they had it made. But out of nowhere, a great wind came and blew their van sideways, keeping them from moving any further. They looked back and saw Lady Nature, who happened to be controlling the wind. You wont be going anywhere, money stealers! said Lady Nature. The lead thug got out and pointed his gun at Lady Nature, shaking in fear. But before he could fire, a strong vine quickly knocked the gun out of his hands. The other thug got out and both him and the lead thug attempted to run from Lady Nature, but they didnt have a chance. She ordered long, strong vines to wrap around and tie them up. Thanks to their team work, The Extraordinary League of Christianity were able to stop the thugs just in time, but thanks mainly to God. As the thugs were unmasked and walked to the back seat of a police cruiser, Super-Christian noticed something about the lead thugs ear. It had something in it that glistened in the light. At first glance, he thought it was just an earring, but this was much to big for an earring, and of all places, it was inside the ear canal. What?!? he asked in his head. So, Super-Christian used his helmets photo ability and snapped a picture of the thugs ear, zoomed in of course. When Super-Christian reviewed the digital photo in his helmet, he found that what he saw was a rather odd metallic device with the letters Dr. S written on it. So when the ELC got back to their base/lab, Super-Christian got the other two heroes attentions as he printed the digital photo out. Hey guys, check this out! This was in the lead thugs ear! Then, Lady Nature replied, Hmmm Looks like a simple earring to me. Yea, but inside the ear? Super-Christian asked. Then puzzled in thought, Lady Nature said, Hmmm Who knows what that could be? It could be the name of his father who died, and he just wanted to keep to remember him. Could be, Super-Christian replied, but theres no telling. I have a feeling we need to know what this Dr. S is all about! Try doing some research on this Dr. S, guys, ordered Super-Christian. Well, Im gonna go eat. Helps me think said Gastro-Man. Super-Christian and Lady Nature just looked at him like he was odd. And yes, he very much is odd for the most part. After much tests and research, Mary Regolski was exhausted, but found some useful information. Joel Jameson entered the lab and Mary began to explain to him what she found. She found on www.google.com a Dr.S who was a possible match for the inventor of the small device. His name was Dr. Edward J. Schwartz. The web page she found said, He was a brilliant scientist who invented a mind controlling device for the army to use in war. He later got too prideful with his invention. He forced his fellow scientists wife to date him. He also forced many bankers to secretly add money to his bank account. The army found out about this and sent him to jail for stealing. He later escaped jail and to this day, he has yet to be caught. Joel and Mary didnt know whether to believe this was the person theyre looking for or not. They knew that if it was, he sounded like a challenge for them. Joel. If this guy is who were looking for, Im afraid! What if he kills us or something? Then Joel replied, Have no fear, Mary! We shouldnt fear no mere man! Christ is on our side and no man is more powerful than He is! The next day, Joel got into his Super-Christian outfit and went to the jail where the thugs were being kept. He asked the cops if they found any equipment on the lead thug. They said they found that his name was Dusty and was equipped with only some metal device in his ear. Super-Christian asked them to show him the device, and they did. It was the same thing as the device in the picture. So, Super-Christian asked to borrow it, and they granted him the permission. Super-Christian took the device to the lab and asked Mary to do tests on the device. So, she started! Little did they know that in the device also had a secret camera in it, being used by the evil master mind himself, Dr. Schwartz, to spy on the league. As time went on, Schwartz got some useful information about the league. Ah!!! So, the Extraordinary League of Christianity? said Dr. Schwartz in an evil way. I hate Christians, but their powers are magnificent! They will be great people to turn into my helpers! I will prove to the world that even strong Christians as these can turn evil! Then, no one will believe in God! Mwahahaha!!! -cough!- -cough!- What will happen with The Extraordinary League of Christianity? Will Schwartz eventually take control of one of them? Or maybe all three? And how will they get their selves out of control when this might happen? So many questions to ask, but only one question that matters. If you died today, where will you go to spend in eternity? Heaven, or Hell? This life we live on Earth is not all there is. If there was, there would be no use for me talking or even living. If youre a human (which all of you should be, hopefully), do you know how God sees you as you are? He sees you no better than those selfish thugs who robbed the bank! Actually according to Gods perfect ways, you probably look worse than that to God, and no one like that are allowed to enter into heaven. This is me Im talking to as well by the way. But like The Extraordinary League of Christianity, there is a real hero who is the bigger heroes of this comic and the biggest hero that ever was! His name is Jesus Christ and He loves you enough to die for you so you can go to heaven. Because He died in your place on the cross, you can use Him as a mask to God. You can have the ability to go to heaven in Jesus name, in spite of your imperfect ways. We as our normal human selves deserve Hell instead of Heaven! What is Heaven and Hell? Even the smart people think they really know what it truly is, but no one on this Earth really knows what it truly is! Yea, basically Heaven is the best place and Hell is the worst, but we cant comprehend Heavens goodness or Hells badness until we get there. Trust me, Hell is not a place where you want to go! You will be burning, in constant pain, constant dying, but most of all youll be alone without God! God is the reason youre alive. You cant live without him. Therefore if you go where God isnt, dont you think that would be terrible? Most comic books are about fictional heroes. This here is real stuff! Not Super-Christian or Gastro-Man or Dr. Schwartz, but Jesus Christ and the cross. Both history and archeology support the bible. Prophecies in the bible come true, besides the one remaining, the return of Jesus Christ. And when this prophecy is fulfilled, it will be too late! I feel its soon, so I will try harder to get as many people as I can to go to Heaven with me! If you have yet to believe in Christ and Jesus death and trust that it will save you, you are still on your way to this awful place know as Hell! But, heres the good part! You dont have to go there. Each of us have the power to believe that Jesus died for our sins. It doesnt end there though. Theres a prayer you need to say to God to become saved by the blood of Christ! Say something like this and you have to truly mean it in your heart too! Dear Lord, I know that Im a sinner and my sinful ways are unacceptable to You. I know that I have broken your laws and disserve Hell. But I also believe you sent your Son to die on the cross for my sins to pay my fine. I believe that Your Son also rose again on the third day and conquered all death. I thank you, and I ask you to come into my heart and be my Lord and Savior forever and ever. Thank you for saving my soul! In Jesus name I pray, amen. I hope to see you in Heaven some day! -Ben Mullins ELC Faith story line Copyright ¬ 2009 by Ben MullinsWOOSH,Super-ChristianLord!faith, POW! BOOM,

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This is the storyline to my first Extraordinary League of Christianity, hopefully to be put onto a Christian comic artist's site in whom I met on facebook.




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