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Police Helicopter on the HUNT!!!

Trees, Helicopters, Cops, Police, Crime

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The other day I was doing my normal every day thing...it was late morning...and I hear a noise I normally hear about this time of the year maybe once a week or two...a police helicopter. This is usually a noise heard LATE at night. On this particular day, the noise went on for more than 20 minutes when I finally heard them on their speaker system...warning the public who or a description of who to be on the lookout for...etc..etc.
No sooner had I heard this did I remember I'd been wanting to get a good shot of a helicopter...preferrably a police helicopter...in FLIGHT! :D
I must of spent a good 30 minutes or so outside shooting every chance I got, as the police helicopter circled back n' forth...closer...then further away...above me :D!!! Some shots turned out pretty good, while most of them were a bit blurry :(...but hey...one day I will hopefully be able to afford that 'dream camera' I've been thinkn' about since I got this cheapy one lol!!! :)




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Date: 12/4/09
Photography: General