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SECRETS!!! Muffins and Oreo

Nature, Pets, Cats, Oreo, Muffins

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Awww...isn't it so crazy how certain shots of our pets come out lookn' as if they are doing certain things, rather it be thinking very hard, talkn' or whispering to one another, telling you something special...well, really anything, and sometimes you, the photographer, is the ONLY one who can see those certain 'moments' in the photo?!
Well...this one, as well as a couple others on here, was one of those lucky shots...and w/ each shot I took of them, and a different stretch, or kiss from one cat to the other...is a different 'message/moment' :D!!! ENJOY!! :)




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Votes: 15
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Date: 12/5/09
Photography: Nature