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Nature, Small, Tiny, Rodent, Possum

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Hmmm...I was outside late one night...not to much longer after acquiring my 'new/refurbished' digital camera, to try out some nightime shots (mostly to try and get a good shot of the moon...which, as of YET haven't done :(...)...and LO' n' BEHOLD...I catch Griffen, Muffin, and Electra all nosing around the Ivy, in my next door lady's yard! So..I head that way, and RIGHT as I get up real close to Muffin (who was laying on the sidewalk...lookn' at something), a small brownish furry lil' creature FLEW into the IVY!!! Freaked me OUT...yet, on another note, I was VERY excited about the possibiities of photographing something different!!! So...I stuck the camera above the areas where Griffin began 'hunting'...and THIS was a lucky shot (a PEEK of whatever it was!)...Can YOU guess what it is?? Or did the other photo show up before this one? LMAO!!! Geesh...we need a way to 'organize' our shots on here..maybe I'll put it in the 'suggestion' box :D!!!


12/9/2009 5:46 PM
Hey sis, amazingly enough, this is the first pic of this animal I've seen...haven't seen the other one yet. Judging from the size of the animal amongst the leaves, it could be a large rat, or some other type of rodent. Great shot!

12/5/2009 10:01 AM
Maybe a mole???
Cool capture



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Date: 12/5/09
Photography: Nature