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Thanks for the help on this idea. You are all more than one now!!!

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So anyway, I'm part of this (How do you call it) artist(Of many kinds) web site. The site is called "Taltopia" or "www.taltopia.com". Anyway, I made a suggestion as to "why anyone is labeled "one". i was/am labeled a "musician". So when people look up musicians they will find me... I have a lot of other types of art of this site... not just music. now, Taltopia is making their site easier to look up people of any types(so they tell me). I asked them to make it so that when people are making accounts they can label themselves (if they have any more than one) more than one type of artist. i just got the message from Taltopia for this...

"Hey William,

We love the idea of being able to define yourself as having more than just one talent, that's what Taltopia is all about! Based on your suggestion, we will be adding the option to add more than just one talent type on your profile page very soon.

If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to contact us directly at "contact@taltopia.com"

Thank you,



5/5/2010 9:31 PM
famed and by the way i found you by the contest the best photo contest! I voted for you and then clicked on your name great media i am glad i did and you have great music !!!!

2/27/2010 11:51 AM Premium
Thanks for uploading! Be sure to upload some more content.



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