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Last Days

Last days: Poem Form Shawn When all of this is done Will we see who won? The darkness growing fast These days are our last Quickly we run through this Waiting for eternal bliss When it all goes wrong We sing this song The darkness creeping upon us When we run from dawn until dusk As we all see the end We see with whom we are friends Every time I begin to run I always find the sun Yet within the darkness It has become lightless Will I ever hear the blast The day is done at last And we find the past As these days are our last We find that this is wrong So we sing this song As we remember the past We know that it will be the last

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Basically about how the human race is creating it's own demise with all of the fighting, it's based on all of the wars and fighting that have been going on, all the evil that we create and then turn around and try ot destroy.


12/20/2009 4:31 PM Premium
I just came across your media. Good Work! Link your friends and fans to this page to get more Fame votes!



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Date: 12/13/09
Other: Writing