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merman, mermaid, fantasy, surreal, narrative

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"If the willow could weep, it would dream of cradling a sleeping infant in its Golden Boughs; If the Man in the Moon could laugh, he'd tumble and roll 'round this ship of fools and boldly dream of leaping cows; If the wall could wail, it would dream of scolding those credulous souls who've sacrificed their intellect on the altars of Faith; If Planet Zootopia could speak, she'd tell me from whence we came and where we're going, then dream once more the nightmare of the human wraith; But we are the stuff stars dream of as they sing the music of the spheres and dance the Danse Macabre."
(This is a work that will feature an MP3 recording of 'THE DANSE MACABRE,' written and performed by Patrick Pierson, that will play from inside the painting itself.)
Image: 72" by 36 oil on canvas copyright 2009 Patrick Pierson


2/22/2010 4:20 PM
so wonderful! famed and favourite!



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Date: 12/14/09
Art: Painting