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Understanding Love


Understanding Love The intriguing drama That abounds in our horrible lives Could be relinquished If only we would try. We scream and cry to the Great Creator Begging for release From the ever-present pain we feel When we expect it least. You know we both hate having to embrace Nothing but remorse and pain Yet we cling to it all Just the same. I have now realized the reason Is that its all weve ever known Our love has to remain Deep inside It can never be fully shown. The world doesnt understand How something so perfect and so strong Must be masked by the theatrics Yet has survived so long. I, however, finally do Theres nothing that means more Than our love that is so true And one day will be hidden no more. Until that time, well fight the battles That occurs to us every day For nothing is strong enough To stand in our loves way. One bright day well finally reach The un-intangible shore Our love that already means the world Will mean so much more.

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1/2/2010 7:19 PM Premium
We appreciate you uploading this to Taltopia. I look forward to seeing some more of your work.



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Date: 12/21/09
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