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I am blinded by these colors On a backdrop of total darkness I cant see anything beyond This image burnt into my eyelids Nothing but a splotch of light Colors swirling, neon bright Just a touch of pigment In an abyss devoid of color This massive chaos leaves me confused Dizzy from the excessive flow of information The world spins faster and faster As I struggle to maintain consciousness Truth and lies begin to blur And untold secrets beg to be told And for the first time, I feel true fear As I feel myself begin to fall The distant horizon is the only thing That is unaffected by the pandemonium But it is too far away to believe in And much too far away to trust The only thing that can save me Is just outside of my reach It makes the fall all the worse I wish something could save me

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This poem is about struggling with the chaos and stress in your life.


3/8/2010 10:55 AM Premium
Awesome! I look forward to seeing some more of your work.



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Date: 12/21/09
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