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The Reaction to Darkness


Night falls The murmur of the wind Frees your mind of nightmares Or possibly creates its own The sky is as dark as ink Not a single star to be seen Featureless and nondescript Theres no way to tell your location With no sense of direction Do you feel lost Do you lose all reference To wherever you are Do you feel as if you are Floating through empty space Do you feel as if you will Never reach the ground again Thats what the darkness does to you Haunting your dreams You see nothing but ghosts Flashing around you Behind and before you Everywhere you turn Theres nothing else You dont know where to go You dont know where you are Thats what the darkness does to you Thats what its like to lose yourself Lose your heart to a cold hand Feel your chest frozen like ice Theres no escape from the chill Hot bitter tears, born of regret Pour thickly down your cheeks The cold turns them to a numbing frost Even tears cant end the cold Because thats what the darkness does to you

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This poem is about losing yourself in darkness.




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Date: 12/21/09
Other: Writing