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DreamCatcher (novel prologue)


DreamCatcher PWIRAFrologuehatealityndantasy SAre you one of those people, who constantly have their heads in the clouds? Or perhaps, even, one of those people that wants nothing more in life, than for their dreams and fantasies to become reality? Everyone says that, isnt REAL. That it is only a dream. The people who say that are COMPLETELY wrong. Fantasy REAL. It lives in the hearts and mind of everyone in this world. is and it resides some of the time, but not always, in a persons Hopes and Dreams. The reason is because, in your dreams, you can become anything you have ever dreamed of becoming. In your dreams you are safe, away from those people who think there is nothing more to life than WHAT IS REALITY. Or are you? You are in a place entirely your own. Where ANYTHING can happen. Have you ever wondered; or just even simply asked someone else where DREAMS come from? Well, that is where a DreamCatcher comes in. What is a DreamCatcher, you might ask. Well, when someone dreams, a DreamCatcher is chosen to protect the power in that dream. But, you see, with everything good and wonderful, there is always someoneor something wanting to steal it. There are people who steal the powers in dreams, and turn them evil, by using them for their own purposes, leaving you in a sometimes never-ending Nightmare. Most people believe dreams are a sign, then again some people dont. The reason is, in these dreams, when you stumble upon the right dream and can decipher what the dream is telling you, you are able to obtain a power of some sort. The powers range from good to PURE EVIL. Well, there is a chance you have. And this is where Luther Hagames story really begins. FantasyisFantasyreal

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This is my first novel, here is, as of right now, the prologue the plot has yet to be decided..vote plz...


12/29/2009 5:27 PM Premium
Great Stuff! Share this media with your friends and fans to get more votes.



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Date: 12/21/09
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