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Shadows, all there is now is shadows, but how did it come to pass that these shadows of mine were created, how did we really react to the experiment of the Civilian Project? How did it come to pass that I had become the last of my kind, my kindred hunted and slain just so their bones could be on display in homes and museums, but why? Why did the humans that we served and protected hunt us down and kill us like wild animals! Why was it that we fought to keep you safe! Why am I the last, and my dearly beloved taken from me! Why was I cast into the shadows to sit and rot? Well now its my turn to show you all, show the humans who the really ticked off this time. Now its my time to bring them into the shadows Ive lived in for so long. Three hundred thousand years Ive been waiting to exact my revenge, and now its finally time. Hey Alli, Where you goin? Asked a small frail child Ive gotta go out for a while, Ill be back in time to fix you all some lunch. Alli replied okay said the frail child as he ran off to play with the other kids, Alli is 19, blonde and very beautiful, she runs the Klin Orphanage. Miss Alli, where are you going? Asked a butler I just need to go out for some stuff, Ill be back around noon Alli replied, as she walked briskly towards the town, outside the city walls of Algrasia, the last remaining city of nobles since the gold shortage. The last of the nobles and wealth in Sinagia, and my home. The last place I wanted to be, but it is also the last stronghold of government, the government in which declared us open game. And yet no one notices me lurking in the shadows outside that cities walls. Hi Alli, did you come in for more supplies? inquired Greenbie, the shop keep No, I didnt Greenbie, Im on my way to see Fresse, I need a dress mended Alli replied happily. Didnt come for supplies, and needs a dress mended? What kind of social thing is she going to? I whispered to myself, Hey Alli, maybe I can mend it for you I shouted Huh? Alli wonders aloud who are you? My name is not important, but I have tools to mend clothes and I can do it cheaper than Fresse and with better quality and less time. I replied casually Really? She asked Yeah, probably, unless you think Im a freak that you dont really know all that well. I said Can it be done in about an hour? Alli asked, I need it for a party at my fathers home, inside the city walls. I can have it done in twenty minutes. I said casually Okay Alli replied as she handed me the dress, please be careful, it was my mothers dress, my father gave it to me when my mother died. Alright, remember, twenty minutes and itll be good as new I said Thank you. Alli said as she went back to the orphanage What was I thinking I thought to myself I barely know the girl and Im already doing things for her, stupid moron. Greenbie, I need to buy some pink silk thread. I said to the shop keep Well, thatll be about two gold chilifds, and three silver flinghtings. Greenbie replied Alright, here you go I said handing over the coins Very good, and here is your thread sir Greenbie said quickly, I walked back over to my stool and began mending the dress, it took almost twenty minutes, but it looked as good as a brand new dress. Wow! Alli exclaimed, This does look like a new dress, its amazing, How much is it going to cost? Two gold chilifds, and three silver flinghtings, to cover the cost of the thread. I told her casually. And that really is cheaper than Fresse, she would have asked for at least four golds and at least seven silvers, and all you ask is the cost of supplies? Thats outstanding. Yeah, well I know that times are tough right now, so Im not in it for a profit, Im just here to help. I replied Thank you ever so much. Alli said as she ran off to the orphanage to get ready for the party. hm, I guess I did a good enough job on the dress, maybe I should redo my tux and crash this party I thought to myself evilly, could I? Should I? Would I? Yes to all of those questions, maybe some big wig government people there, ha, yeah, then Ill be able to avenge my fallen kin, and my dearly beloved Ashe Hey Shadowboy, hows life? Asked a familiar voice Who are you? I asked hostilely, I dont remember you clearly. Im Melinda, the girl that Minstrel tried to kill, you saved me, and I never found out what your name was. Melinda? I said curiously, You mean to tell me that the little girl that I saved fifteen years ago is standing in front of me? oh crap, this cant be good, if she notices that I havent aged even a little shell get suspicious and start asking questions around others and if she disappears then they really be suspicious and come after me. Wow you havent seemed to have aged a day since then. Melinda said I know, its my diet and exercise, thats whats doing this for me, just eating right and staying in shape. good lie, I hope shell fall for it Wow, you really have to give me some of your recipes sometime. Melinda said joyously Yeah, maybe, well Ive gotta go, Ive got a freakin suit to fix up a little I said quickly Okay, Ill talk to you soon, buh-bye. Melinda said as she wandered off into the crowd. Yeah right, Ill be on the other side of the city walls before you know it. I replied quietly. Quickly I worked as I remade the black suit that I had for some reason. Maybe I should ask her where it is I said to myself, I dont even know where Im going and how I would get there besides walk, hmm, well I guess I could follow her, after the civilian project all those tests, I could follow anyone at anytime. What are you talking about? Asked Greenbie Nothing I replied quietly, Im just talking to myself, thats all Okay Greenbie said Now where did I leave that black thread? I asked myself quietly, Oh yeah, by the fire pit. As I quietly and quickly worked a new suit was made, soon Id have to get inside the city, to exact my revenge on the freaks who declared my kind obsolete. Hey! Alli exclaimed, You were the one that fixed my dress a couple of minutes ago, why are you by the gates of the city? I was invited to a party I replied coolly, some big rich guy needs a body guard for some stuff and is letting me come to the party afterwards Sounds great Alli Said, Im going to a party at my fathers house, maybe its the same party Maybe, then again the party Im going to is in a southern district, so probably not I replied My fathers house in the Southern Grate district, where exactly is yours? Alli Asked Southern Grate district I said calmly, Well, thats just strange. Yeah it is Alli said sarcastically, you werent invited, you were going to follow me, but youd never keep up with the cars, so how exactly did you expect to follow? I was going to place a tracking device on the car you got into and follow it that way. I explained quickly Well, youre just honest arent you? Alli said, well, the gates are opening and- As she looked over and saw me disappear into the city, Hey! he was part of the project that got shut down, the one that all the test subjects were hunted down and killed, what was it called? Alli thought all the way to the party, and as she sat in her car I followed using what was given to me by the government, the procedure of the civilian project was harsh, full of training and tests, those who died got an easy escape, those who committed suicide had an easier escape, but those of us who remained grew stronger, everything we had was increased, we were made into these monsters to become the perfect soldiers, but instead we evolved into something that they couldnt control, The needle that had modified DNA of things, of animals and plants, and then there was the research that came to the development of my curse, an immortal being that can use shadow elements and that can shape shift. With super-human strength, speed, stamina, and resistance to harm. What did they do to me, and what did I do to deserve this? Alli, welcome home. Allis father said joyously Im glad to be here Alli replied, I hope you dont mind, but I invited a friend, he fixed my dress today and I wanted him to come with me, but he had to do something first. Thats fine, how will we know him when he arrives? Her father asked Well, he has long dark hair. Alli Replied, Thats all I can remember, I didnt really see his eyes. Well it shouldnt be too hard to spot him. Her father said quickly, Its a little cold out tonight, why dont we go inside. And forget about me? I asked sarcastically, How rude, maybe Ill forget the invite and go home. You came! Alli exclaimed, I didnt think you would. You invited me, and Im a little hungry, all you had to say was food and Im here. I replied casually, I mean if you dont want me here You better stay, you look like you need a good meal Alli said, Besides, its sorta like youre my date. I havent been on a date since a religious cult killed my girlfriend. I said sort of out of it Well, consider this one. Alli said happily Alli, I have things I need to do once we are inside, please forgive me, I need to see an old friend. I said sounding sorry Okay, but youll come find me on a dance, right? Alli asked Sure, if you want. I replied, But this meeting with a friend might get a little messy. What do you mean by that? Alli asked suspiciously Nothing, just go have fun. I replied. Okay, but remember, we have a dance coming up. Alli said Yeah, I know, just go, Ive gotta find this guy or Im toast. I said quickly. Okay, well hurry. Alli said, I really wanna dance with you, I just have a feeling that Ill never see you again. You wont, if everything goes right Ill be gone by morning. I replied coldly Okay, well Ill pray things dont go right, then Ill see you again right? Alli asked Maybe, maybe my true name and colors will shine tonight. I replied What do you mean by that? Alli asked quizzically I mean who I really am, and why Im really here I replied quietly, just forget I said anything, okay, Ill be back soon. Huh? You are making absolutely no sense whatsoever but okay, hurry back. Alli said Ill try. I replied as I ran off, but remember, Im different. What do you mean different? Alli asked, Hey! Get back here! Alli yelled as I ran off into the crowd of rich people and government lowlies who do all the grunt work and get paid less that what my time is worth. I knew I had to find Cloren, even if he was a government official, I had to warn him about the attack on the rest of the colony, he had gone off three weeks before the attack to try and make a peace treaty with the government, he was accepted in as the defense guy for Algrasia, and it was his job to protect the citizens of both Algrasia and of Veritan, the CP colony. After he took the oath of office the attack came, his wife and kids were the first to go, but all he got about Veritan was a report saying everything was good, now I have to find him and tell him the truth, I have to tell him that his family and friends were all killed by the government that he works for. The same people he gives orders to, got orders from a higher up and were told to keep it a secret. They kept his families death a secret from him, and Im going to tear it all down. Im gonna rip their government apart, and watch it crumble underneath them. That will be nice I thought to myself as I looked, I wonder where he is. Cloren! I yelled into the crowd, Cloren! Where are you! Sir someone said to me, Defense master Cloren died soon after he took oath, he turned out to be one of the people used in the civilian project, he was the last one to die. What? Thats just I stopped there for a moment trying not to unleash my anger, okay, well then, I guess I will just go back and dance with the girl I came here with, oh well, that was a waste of time. As I walked back to Alli slowly I thought about my dilemma. What am I gonna do now? He was one of the last, the one connection I had that could have destroyed the government from the inside, now, Im the last of my kind, looks like Ill have to do it. Hey, that was fast. Alli said happily, Are you ready to dance? Huh? Oh yeah, sure, lets go. I said distractedly, as Alli led me to the dance floor I was completely lost in my thoughts. Hey, you there? Alli asked, Hello? Whats wrong? The guy I came here to see is dead, has been for a couple months now, and I didnt even know, huh, well, I guess coming here was less than productive, oh well. I replied quietly, At least I get to dance with someone. Youre funny, you know that? Alli said after giggling a little bit Yeah, Ive been told that so many times. I said You seem a little sad about your friend, who was he? Alli asked quizzically His name was Cloren. I replied coldly, and he was used in the Civilian Project. Well you didnt know about that last part, I mean how could you? Alli said trying to cheer me up, It wasnt your fault. Alli, can you keep a drastic secret? I asked Yes, why? What is it? Alli replied I knew he was in the C.P. because I was as well, and please, if you tell anyone, Ill kill you, promise me you wont tell anyone that I am a C.P. test subject. I said hostilely. I promise, but you should be dead right now. Alli said worriedly, How did you get away? I cant die, the only thing thatll kill me is an blood-ash blade sword, made with my own blood and ashes, thats how. I replied as Alli was pulling me away from everyone, Oh, and Blood blades are extremely hard to make, because you have to keep the temperature of the metal and blood just right, and you have to keep stirring it so the blood doesnt dry out, its very difficult to create a blood blade sword, so mixing it with an ash blade is even harder. In other words, Im pretty much invincible until someone can find a blacksmith skilled enough to make the sword that can kill me, and now blacksmiths no longer exist so Ill never die. Uuuuuhhhmmmmmm, Well, okay, so how long have you been alive? Alli asked Three hundred thousand years, waiting for the right time to attack the government, Cloren was supposed to help me but hes dead now. I explained thoroughly So you were gonna destroy everything we have left? All the orphans would be brought into the war that you start, did you think of them? And what about all the elderly and the disabled, theyd all die because of that, and then wed have an anarchist government, what would we all do then? Alli said angrily, Did you even think about all the innocent lives that youd destroy because of that? I mean you have to have a plan thatll save them as well as accomplish your goal. My goal was to create an anarchist government, and then you had to shoot that down, what is wrong with you. I said sarcastically I cannot believe you, you really dont care about anyone, do you? Alli asked heatedly Well, when youre angry at the human race for over three-hundred thousand years you loose all feelings for humans. I replied slightly irritated You are hopeless, you know that? Alli said quietly. Yeah, Im also hollow and dead inside, because the human race killed my beloved Ashe, they took her from me and killed her while I was away from the colony, and then they killed the baby that she was carrying, my baby, Alli, what would you do in my place? I replied coldly I would be angry, but not at the whole human race, I mean just the part of the government that ordered the death of my family. Alli replied Yeah? Well I dont know which part ordered the attack, I have no idea who authorized the attack and so Im gonna take out all the ones that I know were higher up than Cloren, but since hes dead, I cant do that anymore. I said softly. Oh, well, umm, yeah, I guess you did think of that other stuff, huh. Alli said defeated Yeah, well now my plan was shot out of the sky, now I have to take out the entire government, unless you know someone who can tell me whos higher up that the Defense Master. I said hinting Well, maybe I can come up with some contacts but itll take a few days if you think you can wait that long. Alli said Ive been waiting for three-hundred-thousand years, Im sure I can wait a couple more days. I replied, I guess I have no choice but to wait. Yup, just please, lets finish our dances and go home. Alli said quietly Home? Yeah, home I replied as I trailed off into the memories of Ashe and the rest of the C.P. colonists, the colony had just barely started and then the humans decided to kill their perfect soldiers, because they didnt expect them to adapt and evolve to something higher than what they wanted us to be, they thought theyd be able to control us, but we developed minds of our own, some of us didnt want to fight, some of us wanted nothing more than to be left alone in our own little section of the world, so the humans built us a city, and gave us a good start, some of us had families and some of us had jobs, the rest of us were entertainers, performers, and some of us were wanderers, living just to wander about and wonder what to do, we found our own form of currency, and then the humans came in and destroyed everything we built up, everything that we had worked for, they destroyed it all just because they didnt want anyone to be better than them. When I returned to the colony all I found were ashes and ruins, death was everywhere, and I knew I had lost my entire world, so I vowed revenge on the human race, I wanted nothing more than to wipe out the humans that killed Ashe, I wanted nothing more than to watch them all suffer, I wanted to destroy that government so they couldnt hurt anyone else. I wanted to bring back Ashe, and the child, but that would never happen because she was already dead, and I could do nothing to stop it. Now Im dancing with someone who looks a lot like my Ashe, Maybe thats why I cant hurt her, or turn her down, yeah, thats it, its because she looks so much like Ashe, and acts so much like her too, doesnt want me in danger, or anyone else for that matter. Hey, you there? The song is over, we can stop dancing now. Alli said while giggling a little. What? Oh, yeah, sorry, I guess I just got lost in my memories again, it happens sometimes, sorry. I replied The whole party has been over for about an hour now, and weve been dancing the entire time. Alli said, We should have been outside the gates by now, and were still dancing, are we gonna ever stop? Huh? Oh yeah, sorry about that I said as we stopped dancing, I guess I just get lost in my thoughts easily now. Well you better stop, you might just end up slipping up and telling me what exactly you are thinking about. Alli said teasing, You never know, you might tell me a deep dark secret or something. You know what, you look a lot like Ashe, the girl that I told you about, yeah, you look almost exactly like her. Thats what triggered this little mind excursion, the way you look and act, shed always tease me and stuff like you are now. Hmm, I guess I just saw the way you looked when the light hit you right and thought you were Ashe, thats all. I replied. Oh, wow, thats amazing, I didnt know, I just thought you were thinking about something else, goes to show what I know huh? Alli said sheepishly Its okay, I started thinking about how I wanted revenge on the government, then I just started thinking about Ashe, and how much you look like her. I said calmly. Oh, okay, umm, wellAlli looked away blushing What? Whats wrong? I asked Nothing, I just thought maybe.just for one second that maybe.that maybe you really liked me. Alli said still blushing Oh, ha, well I dont, but why would that mean anything, Im a C.P. test, remember, Im still a freak, and Im over three hundred thousand years old, I havent talked to anyone about this the entire time, I just wanted to have a normal, or at least mostly normal life. And now Im trying to destroy your world, and that is very wrong, so you know what, Im leaving, so yeah, youll probably never see me again, so bye. I said as I walked out the door and into the darkness of the dying city, the cool darkness, the cold sweet darkness, back into the shadows, just like every other time, Im thrown into the shadows. Why is it that Im always thrown into the shadows and I never wanna come out, why do I hide for a hundred years and then come back out, my plan has failed, and Ive got a beautiful girl telling me that shell help me exact my revenge on those who took my Ashe away from me. The reality is that it was a human that told the government that we were planning an attack when we werent. Hey! Why are you just running off? I thought you were gonna do what you needed to. Alli said hurriedly, I thought we had a deal, you leave someone in the government, and the rest youd kill, what happened? Im redoing the plan of this whole thing, and when I finish the plan in a hundred years Ill come back and let your descendants know about the whole thing, and they will end up dying in the end, and Ill be killing everyone off because by then all theyll have is projectile weapons and electronic things so Ill survive it all. I replied coldly. What? Why? You are hopeless you know that? You think up one plan, and that goes awry, so you think up another and that isnt good enough, so what? Youre just gonna disappear for while and then just come back and destroy the world? What a good idea, Let me ask you this. What would Ashe say about that? Alli said angrily She would have said exactly what you just said. I said distractedly Huh? I guess I am exactly like her, huh. No wonder I like you so much. Alli said quietly What? I asked slightly astonished at what Alli had just revealed. Uuuuuh, ummmm, Ive gotta go now, bye Alli said running off. That was really strange. I thought to myself, At least Im still going into the shadows again, but why? Whats wrong with me Alli wondered, I have absolutely no idea why I feel like this, but I do, and I cant think straight, and I always think about him. Gaaaaah, what is wrong with me today, I feel like turning around andWhat a moron I am, it will never happen, not with a human. I thought angrily, Maybe I should just give up, make the blood ash blade and kill myself. Hey Shadowboy. Melinda said Huh? What in the living haywire do you want Melinda? I asked quietly Who? Me? Im looking for you, did you know that there was a party in here? There are at least seven going on in the northern Serta District, wanna go? Melinda asked flirtingly No. I replied quickly and coldly But I took the time to get all dressed up for you. She said with big puppy dog eyes. Im sorry Melinda but Ive already been to one party and Im really tired, I just wanna go home and go to sleep. I replied Okay, fine, Ill just go with someone else. Melinda said sadly Itll be good for you. I said quickly What? Oh, so you dont even feel anything after saving me from Minstrel? Melinda said shocked No, I dont, should I? I replied Uh, yeah, at least something like Im a little sister to you or something, not just, hey I saved you from the master of the Civilian Project, But I feel nothing for you. Melinda said heartbrokenly Im sorry, Im just really tired, okay? Go ahead and go to the party and tomorrow Ill find you and well have lunch. I said Okay Melinda replied, But you better be there, be at the windmill pub, noon exactly. Fine, whatever. I replied tiredly Okay, Bye then Melinda said as she ran off Like Im really gonna show up. I thought to myself

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A story about the future a post-apocalyptic world that used humans as test subjects for the perfect soldier


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