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Apartment 666


156690.txtWalk with me,There we be,Surrounded by eternal flames,No more jesus games.I live with the devil,And agony is no revel.I've become your worst nightmare,A demon who aims only to scare.To see your fright,Adds to my might.Here I am in Hell,Soon you'll be here as well.As satans neighbor,There's only one wager.A life of seclusion,Set free from delusion,gods vision distortion,Is freedom abortion.Angels falling,All free-willing,Becoming demons,Nay to the sermons.Residing with the Dark Lord,Could you want more?(II)The pain is eternalBut only infernal.I'll never feel more,This is all he's got in store.Burning dead,It's only in my head.Lucifer's torment,The cost of rent.Rather live in fear,Than North of here.(III)Ascension to heaven,My deadly sins at seven.Why do I travel above,They only accept love.I let my hatred flow,So, I should stay below.He had felt slain,By my acceptance of pain,And sent me away,For this one day.god welcomes me at the gate,Questioning if this is my fate.There are no screams,None, by any means.Echoes of eternity,Peaceful serenity.Sweet silence fills these clouds,Halos and wings in the crowds.Insanity fills my mind,This place is far too kind.Searching for a way back home,That power, only two hold.Page 1156690.txtAssassin's await my call,And me, my fall.Scopes calibrated perfectly,Sights set angelically.The attempt to attack,Took wings off my back.Decsending to hell,Just like Lucifer fell.Halo stripped away,Wings starting to fray.He awaits, horns in hand,He awaits, his new second in command.(IV)I think how I was spent,During my boiling descent.Waking to the morning light,After a heavy drinking night.Argue with the wife,Ask, Why live this life?Get in the car and drive,To a cliff and ponder the dive.Thoughts swim around my mind,I sort through only to find,I'll get back in the car,And still drive far.Driving down the road fast,A mile or so had gone past,I haven't seen or been on a road for awhile,This situation has become dire.Lost control of my vehicle,Life just became cynical.I saw my on-coming end,It's much simpler when you're dead.Back to my flamed fall,This isn't going by at all.Scolding heat all around,Five thousand miles down.Satan is in sight,His eyes afright.I'm too powerful for him,I've surpassed his deadly sin.(V)Landing there next to his throne,All of his past has been shown.I know I am the one,He knows I have won.He steps aside,And to his seat I stride.Terror rules hell now,Satan, only to me, will bow.(VI)Terror's reign,Begin's pain.Satan had done nothing,Now you'll feel everything.Hatred in my mind,Unleashed on all your kind.You will know suffering,Page 2156690.txtRight after this beating.Flames will surround your eternal soul,I want your life, my only goal.Your god won't save you,I'll do what I do.He cowers in weakness,At sight of my prowess.Something wicked this way came,And now I'm back to rule again.(VII)On this throne I am seated,On this throne, seat's heated.This throne is now my only home,This throne is the only one I've ever known.My home is down here,It's been this way for years.Killing has lost it's fun,But killing is nowhere near done.I will still torment,On soul's sitting dormant.Soul's up and about,Agony still waits en route.Fun has been drained,But my blood is stained.You will feel my wrath forevermore, Without end, your pain will endure.(VIII)Are you tired of being beat?Are you sick of the heat?Can you tell who I am?I tried to help, you ran.This is your pain speaking,I am your bleeding.You thought you'd never die,Now, you'll die everyday until the end of time.Chaotic torture is all I know,Your life down here will go by slow.There are no lights down here,So I hope the dark is what you fear.Fluorescents of flame,Reveal all of your shame.You thought you could hide,Must've forgot, you've already died.I'll burn you forever,And remember, never say never.(IX)Another demon taking his place,To my seat he'll try to race.No others dare to try,Fearing they'd eternally die.Only one has enough courage,To run to me and pay homage.He loves me and what I do,Now he's got a seat to rule too.(X)Page 3156690.txtStepping down from my chair,I leave it to my only heir.It is now time to retire,To this demon whose power is higher.He only speaks of violence,He only knows malevolence.I know he was the right choice,At least I think so said reason's voice.At one time he knew the right way,But it was not this day.He invaded my mind,And from that I died.(XI)The string has been cut in my mind.I liked this story better when you died.Instead, we'll tell of a demonic invasion,His trickery and persuasion.Burrowing deep inside,Destroying every time I lied.Membranes pushed aside,He had only come for my sight.Cutting through the glands,I was now in his hands.Controlling everything,He had seen where I'd been.Death, Hell, Heaven and back.The string has been cut in my mind,Demons crawling around inside.Exiled to life,And banished from death,Mind forced astray,Left to live this way.Page 4

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This is the first epic poem I've ever written. It took me over a year and a half to create. I'm glad it took that long because it turned out pretty well.

The story is about me dying, going to hell, being sent to heaven and trying to assassinate god, being sent back to hell, overtaken hell, giving up my throne only to be overtaken by him and sent back to life to live forever.

My nickname is Terror, you'll get to some parts that mention Terror, that's me :)


3/10/2010 7:18 PM Premium
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