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I Am Not Crazy, It's Just My Mind


156692.txtI think I might be tired,But I'm not sure I want to sleep.It's possibly going to end tonight,It could all begin again.Cycling through memories,A lifetime has come and gone.Pictures remain today,And are tomorrow destroyed.Could it be a bad idea?I can't tell,I'm insane,Or am I?If I could not tell a bad idea from a good one,How do I trust that I know if I'm insane or not?Thoughts swim spontaneously,In the river's current.Or is this a puddle,Being splashed.Thoughts are small,Water will drown.These ideas are crazed,And I am sane.Page 1

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Just read it...

well, Read the title...take it in

Then read the poem..

Then repeat that process..

And finish reading the title again... You'll understand..


1/6/2010 9:59 AM Premium
This is great! Try to get more votes!



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Date: 12/23/09
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