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156693.txtThe answer to it all is right before your eyesIt happens everyday that we live our livesEarth expands as somewhere in the universe something condenses Equal and oppositeStrongest will live onNewtons 2nd lawDarwins survivalPlant the seed, grow the hateReligious prosecution for our scientific wayProven in theory and fairy tales still seem to capture your imaginationLook around, not one thing can be explained through your senseless religionStar gazing reveals the afterlife of nonexistenceWhere does it belong?For religion, its nowhere!Take your faith away,Let your hatred fade.Equal and oppositeStrongest will live onNewtons 2nd lawDarwins survivalMake your ultimate decision,Will you follow and what religion?Youve been taught but, for yourself, never thought.Believe in yourselfWeak, if anything else.Religion, the human downfallOnly the strongest find survival.Page 1

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A poem I wrote about my beliefs and how Science is proven...


1/5/2010 11:51 AM Premium
Awesome work! We hope to see some more media from you!



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Date: 12/23/09
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