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156697.txtPersecution abolition Demolition of religionAbsolution revolutionThink for yourselfF*** everything elseFree your mindNow is the timeF*** your beliefsThey only started a warFollow my wordsIf you dont want anymoreAberration of SalvationDomination of CreationDivination Dissipation He tells you the wayTo get to the placeOf angels and faithLocation AlterationSensation NegationDeviation of ConsecrationHis home, for you, a lieThe ground awaits your lifeIn the end youll dieSo, why even try?Better to be, you by yourselfLive on your own, no one to saveInevitable death, awaits us allNothing to do, just let it come.Termination of TolerationRealization RevelationValidation SpeculationPage 1

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This one was actually written as a song for my band, but it can also be used as a poem.


3/14/2010 8:06 AM Premium
Thanks for uploading this media! You should try bidding for a spot on the Wall of Fame.



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Date: 12/23/09
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