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"Life's A Ball"

lady bug, beetle, ball, nature

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"Lifes A Ball", "It's a small world", "the circle of life"...lol! for such a small creature, there are sure plenty of cliche titles that would have fit here! Feel free to add a few of your own!


3/6/2010 5:27 PM Premium
We appreciate you uploading this to Taltopia. Remember to use the "Promote This Media" section to post this on other networks.

1/2/2010 9:04 PM
AWWWW....I LOVE the comments on this one!!!! Grumsby and Slippery are so sweet :D...and can you only IMAGINE...by the spots on THIS one...if it IS true how OLD this gorgeous lil' guy is??!!! WoW!!! :D

12/29/2009 4:23 AM
I think you should have named it "Are you my Mother?" This is a wonderful shot Janese. You are the best! f/f

12/28/2009 11:14 AM
I think the chain heats up when I have the light on, which attracts the ladybugs! I'm just guessing though...they seem to be there every night!

12/28/2009 8:04 AM
I thought it was part of the design at first. That's strange

12/27/2009 9:10 PM
After being infested with ladybugs, I figured I might as well take advantage of the situation and start photographing them! You'll probably see more...I have them everywhere!



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Date: 12/27/09
Photography: Nature