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"Landing Pad"

lady bug, beetle, chain, nature

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Of all of the crazy places to land, this little lady bug was attracted to the ball on the end of a chain, that turns on a lamp! I just had to photograph it!


1/2/2010 9:02 PM
...that's true or not...but, supposedly it shows how old they are...I didn't KNOW lady bugs could grow so old!!!! I could be wrong though...don't quote me :D!!! Thanx for sharing so much BEAUTY Sis :D!

1/2/2010 9:01 PM
oh WOW...you know...this is pure LUCK for your New Year!!! Looks like your near future will be full of Love, Luck, Beauty, n' MORE!!! Lady Bugs bring on LOTS of LUCK! I heard somewhere that each spot on them means one year...don't know if



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Date: 12/27/09
Photography: Nature