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AUNT SYBIL Written by Walker Phillips January 26, 2008 Aunt Sybil was born December 26, 1935, the last of fourteen children born to Robert and Ruby Phillips. Her mother was killed in an automobile accident when Sybil was nine years old. Sybil grew up moving from home to home living with her older sisters. The early death of her mother effected Sybils learning and comprehension skills. She was classified as a slow leaner and attended a special school for slow learners. Aunt Sybil found work as a housekeeper and nanny for a private family. Aunt Sybil was always playful and jolly with all her nieces and nephews. She was also very thoughtful, kind, and generous. I can remember Aunt Sybil returning from a date, bringing strawberry malts for us kids Aunt Sybil was 30 years old, and had never been married before. She felt like she would never meet the right person. Then fate intervened. Aunt Sybil had not seen her future husband for over 20 years. William Love lived next door to Sybils family as a little girl. William had gone away to enlist in the military when he was 16 years old. He would soon be retiring from the military and wanted to get married to a good woman. He talked with his mother and inquired about any Phillip Sister that might not be married. His mother was not sure if there were any single Phillip sisters and decided to call one of the Sisters. Williams mother telephoned Alma, the sister that Aunt Sybil was living with at that time. She told Williams mother, that the youngest sister, Sybil, was not married. Williams mother said to tell Sybil to expect a call from William, when she gets home from work. When Aunt Sybil got home from work, her sister Alma, told her what had transpired, and told her to expect the call from an admirer. Aunt Sybil was very skeptical, because so many other men have disappointed her in the past. William Love, technical sergeant in the Army (soon to be retired), did call Aunt Sybil. William and Aunt Sybil hit off right away and there was a world wind courtship. Two weeks later they were married on April 5, 1965. .

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