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Darrel the Squirrel


Darrel the Squirrel By Walker Phillips October 11, 2008 I can see a squirrel from my kitchen window. I have named him Darrel. Darrel the squirrel is quite a squirrel I never see snarl and quarrel. Darrel likes to climb trees to swirl, twirl, and whirl. He is such a magnificent squirrel in the world of squirrels. Darrel is a furry squirrel with a tail he likes to furl. From tree limb to tree limb this little squirrel jumps and hurls. Darrel seems to enjoy this everyday peril. He finds burls where he likes to sit and curl. Two other squirrels have joined Darrel, which I have named Merrell and Harrell. This trio seems to be rare perils in the world of squirrels. This is the everyday life of squirrels.

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