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R & J


Once upon a time there was a girl named Silver Blade who's hair were black as night & eyes were silver and gold. Silver always sung her heart out wherever she was & everybody that was in entertainment knew her & loved to hear her sing. Every day that she sang you could swear that she got beautiful than ever every minute that passed by. One day a man came to town he had black hair with a green highlights & golden eyes that look like eagles amazingly his name was Eagle Eye. He also love to sing, but he also loved to dance in that one minute they fell in love & they were inseparatable from then to now. Silver and Eagle married and had twins their names were Juliet & Romeo. All of but two survied in a car crash those two were Juliet & Romeo. Both are now dead but both loved each other not like Brother & Sister but Man & Woman. Juliet died in child birth both the mother & the child who was named Cleo a dying baby girl died. Romeo who cound never live without Juliet killed himself with a toxic poisonous herb. Their three grave unknown to us today as we know.

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a sad short story about two different charaters call Romeo and Juliet aslo two other charaters call Silver and Eagle.


1/9/2010 5:27 PM Premium
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Date: 1/2/10
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