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Yet I am I


Why sleep if you dont dream? The contours of my mind What I find when I Knock on your window of happiness I am let down by you But less This is a mess Complete distress Is this really necessary Yet I am covered with nothing but bark I am but a tree And you are my wilderness Cinderblocks holding emotion together holding motion together Your words echo heavy Concrete Floating in the air like dust Must you hold back? And refrain from this contact? I am left a witness To nothing short of a crime A time Sublime Distant Persistent Just a design? My body is not mine But not A cleansing is in effect First my mind Then my body Then my soul You experiment, I am your insect Yet I refuse to take the toll To you this is just another piece of writing Another page with led felled markings Another stanza Another non-existent word in the mind of people like living in world Enrolled in everyday activities Busying lives up having absolutely no time to even notice the details in made up reality until they finally disappear. And then you notice And all to quickly You remember this piece of paper but what difference does it make now Your memory holds no memory in mine You are non existent to me like I to you Yet I am I who longs to forget And so are you Still, you will never understand my position A feeling, emotion will never be transferrable Through any form of action Not through writing, nor speaking, nor acting Because emotion is a form of transportation Yet Yet Yet Those wordswithin engrained? What exactly am I to you? Artificial official youyouryouryouryour? What does it transport? Yet Coniferous

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Poetry by me, i would love for you guys to give me some feed back :)


1/7/2010 11:51 AM Premium
I just came across your media. Be sure to upload some more content.



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Date: 1/5/10
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