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The "L" Word


Oh, what is this feeling, the one without a name. The one which drives me batty, and makes me feel un-tame? Where does it come from, the one that makes me smile. It always gives me tons of chills, which last for QUITE a while! Why is this happening, at such a time in my life, When there's SO much going on, so much pain n' so much strife? When will I really know, this place that's in my mind. How will I REALLY see, what it is, or am I blind? Who is this stranger, I truly call my friend. What is it he's done with me, got me prayin for no end? OH...WHAT is this FEELING, the one with OUT a word. Dare I say, dare I try, even while my mind is blurred? Oh Lord, what will come of this, only YOU know the answer I seek. Oh WHY am I so SCARED inside, when ALL I've ever done is peek? Where will this nameless feeling, take me on that future flight. You know, the one where hearts get lost, especially when in sight? God, don't let my heart ache, don't let me feel this strong. Dear Jesus, PLEASE don't let me LOVE, Cuz, what feels right, could still be wrong...

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Just a little somethn' that feelings wrote :D!!! Hope you all enjoy!!! :)


1/12/2010 8:57 AM
You are such a talented writer. I love this piece.

1/11/2010 1:21 AM
met yet haha. But i just love the feeling this gives, I can sort of feel the message you've written across, and all the questions that so many men and woman in denial would feel. It really is something, I honestly LOVE it :D

1/11/2010 1:20 AM
Oh I love this, I love it very much. The rhymes are spot on, and its such a real feeling for most people who fall unexpectedly. I could only relate in the childish way of course, but then again, I am madly in love with someone I havent even



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Date: 1/8/10
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