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That is Unacceptable

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A track from Episode 8 of the Products of Monkey Love podcast, improvised music and comedy at it's very freeist.

Here are the lyrics...

That is Unacceptable x8

That is unreasonable
That is nothing honourable
That is high cholesterol
And unacceptable

That is Out of all control
That is unreliable
That is non definable
And unacceptable

That is repeatable
That is undefeatable
That is surely eatable
And seldom beatable

That is fairly shagable
That is pretty boneable
That is highly knobable
And bob-a-job-able

That is unacceptable x4

That is just adorable
That is not applorable
That is unaffordable
And barely boardable

That is some what smeltable
That is strangely meltable
That is not aspheltable
Or correspondable

That is almost criminal
That is semi skimmable
That is hardly tolerable
And unpredictable

That is undigestable
That is uncontestable
That is uncontrollable
And unrespectable

That is undisectable
That is recognizable
That is disassemblable
And commendable

That is undescribable
That is bloomin' ridable
That is deep fat fryable
And condescendable

That is unacceptable

That is undisectable
That is non rejectable
That is non returnable
And barely furnable




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Date: 1/9/10
Comedy: Improv