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Rebelation Day


Rebelation Day PART 1 Well i had a dream one day it was about school and how we dont like some teachers and how they dont like us i also wrote this cuz this is what 70% of all the guys wish they could do in school and i want to turn this into a book or at least a movie if it turns to a movie then its going to be great cause it will have all the adventure and speacially the best part of the movie would be the ending trust me. IF YOU WANT TO HERE THE REST OF THIS STORY OR WANT TO SEE IF YOU WANT TO TURN IT INTO BOOK OR MOVIE THEN MESSAGE ME AT SERRANOJESUS123@YAHOO.COM and plz comment on what u like what u think i should change and any other stuff thnx. THIS IS JUST PART 1 IT MIGHT CONTAIN SOME MISTAKES SO HELP ME ON THAT THNX (mom : wake up jake its time to go to school )-(jake: ugh mom 5 more minuets)-(mom: get ur lazy butt down stairs if u dont hurry the bus will leave u again for the 10th time)-(jake: hey thats not my fault that bus driver is out to get me you know it was since 3th grade when i brought my smoke bombs in the bus ah good times)- flash back-(jake 3 year old : hi mister rants)-(MR.rants :hi jake how you been???)-(jake : o fine i got a suprise for you today)-(MR.rants: o really what is it???)-(jake:youll see)- jake goes to the back of the seat with his best friend raul aka raw -(jake:whats up raw???)-(raw:why do u call me that again???u know what never mind that you brought the smoke boms???)-(jake: yah i brought my favorite color blue!!!)-(raw: ok lets do this i got the lighter x turns on smoke bomb x)-(jake:umm dude what am i suppose to do with this!?)-(raw:just throw it in the back fast or it will burn you!!!)-jake throws it back and smoke starts coming out everybody starts yelling and then the bus driver stops and says-(Mr.rants:who throw that smoke bomb???hmm tell me or else watch what ill do to you!!!-(jake:ummm it was that guy outside with the lighter)points at a guy with a lighter-(Mr.rants:why did u do that you got kids in danger!!!)-(stranger:did what ur crazy old man)-(Mr.rants:crazy ill show u crazy!!!)-gets the dude picks him up and throws him in the thrash can)-cops come and take Mr.rants to jail for 4 years and they blame him for the smoke bomb problem and for throwing a 5 year in a thrash can-flash back ends-(jake:i still dont know how they let him out of jail and gave him the job back again and the worst part is he found out it was me!!!)-(Mom:So it was you.....oh you little liar you better get ur butt on that bus before i get a hold of you!!-mom chases jake out the door with a big spoon-(jake:oh damn i forgot i never told you the truth ahhh)-jake runs to the bus but then, Mr.rants keeps stoping and going everytime he gets closer to the bus-(jake: o come on dude 1 of these days ill get you back muahahaha)-(raw:dude what are you doing???you know what i dont even want to know)-raw's mom-(Ms.colman:hey jake want a lift??? bus drivers these days am i right???)-(jake:umm ok???yah i love a lift thnx)-(Ms.colman:your welcome)-(jake:hey rants found out it was me and you that throw the smoke bomb)-(raw:no wonder he "accidently" bumps and drops my lunch he is so going down!!!)-(jake:patient my friend this is the last week of school the last day will be Rebelation Day!!!)

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well just read the first paragraph thats where i wrote it plz no stealing my ideas thank you


1/9/2010 2:39 PM Premium
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