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Doov, Dube, and Duf - Chick Magnet

goofy, cartoon, comic, funny, silly

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It's been a super long time since I've drawn these guys!!!! This is Doov Dube and Duf! Doov Groove is the one with glasses, Dube Duncan is the one with big buck teeth, and Duf Duferson is the one with a tear drop style hair due. Doov is the silly one of the three, Dube is the absolute stupid one of the three, and Duf always gets mad at Doov and Dube for being silly and stupid... meaning he's the mean one of the three. :) Duf's name is also pronounced "Doof Dooferson," and he hates it when people get it wrong. :) Duf's biggest insterests are his hair and females (especially females). He's always trying to impress the ladies with his haid. However, all the girls he tries to impress always turn him down and beat him up (or something). He's like Johnny Bravo... except he sounds more like a grouch rather than an Elvis Presely dude. :)

This is a cover to a comic I just started in January 2010. In the comic, Duf sees that Doov and Dube are able to get girls' phone number easily, but Duf can't score a single date. He wonders what girls see in attractive men that they don't see in him. So, he tries many things like pretends he's a rock guitarist, he tries to sing in a rock band (which his voice is terrible), and many other things. He just don't get it. How does a girl think? Later at the mall, a scientist overhears a conversation of Duf and he asks Duf if he wants to be his experiment for a new cologne he invented. The cologne will hypnotize any human being of the female gender to instantly fall in love with whoever's wearing the cologne, regardless of their looks. He calls this cologne "Chick Magnet." So, Duf tries the Chick Magnet and sure enough, it works. He has a huge number of girls follow him around until the end of the day. As the days go by, Duf like this, but the large number of girls with him make it hard for Duf to even move around... plus sometimes he needs some private time. So, Duf realizes this cologne isn't really what he wanted.

..that was long. :)




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Date: 1/9/10
Art: Drawing