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The Storm


The Storm As the night fades to the day You are startled shaken from your sleep With fear in your eyes You rush to the window to gaze across the sky The feeling of horror rises as you look to the heavens At the storm that is raging without control Sweeping across the land Billowing black clouds race across the sky Releasing its fury to the earth The blackness stretches as far as the eye can see Engulfing everything in its path The thunder rolls across the sky in a clap so loud you fear the sky has been torn in two You stand waiting for the thunder to be silenced As it screams its anger For what seems to be an eternity The lighting so fierce and angry It strikes with vengeance With the power of the heavens Continuously searching for prey Destroying everything it can find to strike The beauty and serenity of the earth is at the mercy of the storms rage She tries to find shelter against the fury that has come to take what life it can from her As the storm seeks it s prey it calls upon the god of the winds To help in the destruction of the world To rid her of the anger The hatefulness The black hearted The jealousy and bitterness Of the little and powerless People that live on it Dont be the one who is frightened to awaken in the morning To look out the window to find the rage of the storm Coming for you

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A Poem of storm that is cleaning the world of all the wrongs.


1/10/2010 7:51 PM
Have to figure out how first lol . still learning my way around and don't have bucks for anything. lol don't even know how i got the .15 cents i have now.

1/10/2010 12:47 PM Premium
Thanks for uploading this media! You should try bidding for a spot on the Wall of Fame.



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Date: 1/9/10
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