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Friday 30 October Opened as much akin to the rest , the other days within the week Chaotic; eratic in plans set, ultimately changing with each hour that greets A hive of activity shaped in mystery and moulded in creativity. As the eve drew near; 6 little special words I did hear in my ear The eternal chorus in our song that we sing to wrap up each and every week are you coming out to play tonight? Rude to refuse, I was left with no other choice than to accept. Never to be seen late, the girls just always happen to be one step ahead of me as we gather to begin our Friday night. United in mission; we have but one aim; to fill the night with fun and glee. More than one and passing three, a group we become, diverse in individuality and a babble of personalities, poles apart in style yet equal in speciality. Maureen, Our Maur as she is known, classy is her style, not to be seen without a smile she radiates her charm. Red is the colour in which she can be seen, reflecting and vivacious in vibrancy. Jane is as tall as Gill is small. Chic is she. A word I could not use to describe me. Blonde hair and fair of skin, a maiden in historical style with that cheeky twinkle in her eye. Bridget is elegant in all that she does, how she wear her clothes to her exotic moves as flows across the floor enthralling all wherever she goes. Next we meet Gill, a wee lady. Gentle as she goes her way. Metamorphosing through the night to emerge in total contrast. Rock chic makes her presence, once a week, on a Friday night. That leads us to me, non specific in style. Yet to find that label, the one to tag me. Hyperactive and overactive, never short of a word or two, always having something to say as I dance the whole night through. Finally . There is she, the girl in the mirror, the one that follows me wearing the same very dress as I. !!! haha Where would I be? What would I do? Where would I go? If it were not for my girls. Looking after me and watching for each other. Separate in person; joined in fun, games and the joviality of a Friday night. I love each and every one, holding close they are so dear to me, my heart is theirs to keep. Not the end; merely the beginning. Flares was the place I ran into them, they were three. Sensible Sally (named in kind respect). Where we would we be without she is beyond me. Ensuring and securing she keeps us in control, rounding up and calling back as we stretch and spread ourselves throughout, amongst and amid the Friday night revellers. Leanne, as cute as can be with a smile that fills me with glee. The betrothed lady amongst us. Forgiven she is being sister - in - law to Cazzie and Sally and friend to me. Last but not least is Caroline; further known as Cazzie. Together we become, her and me; Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. Bouncing off each other, each leading the other astray. Mad as hatters and as daft as a bunch of carrots; constantly getting into capers going along our way. Episodes and adventures bestow our path. Toilet doors that lock shutting us in. Not to be defeated; a toilet cubicle is the obstacle to hold or restrain. Cubicle scaled in style. Dresses hitched to hip as we clamber and climb till we are free. Good Golly Molly! What a sight that must have been. We never falter in our stride; nor do we flutter; haste is the pace as we search and seek what lays ahead in our night, where will we go? and how will it end? an enigma!!! With no night ending the same; I wouldnt wish to have things any other way going as far to say; I am so lucky to be me. Wild; Whacky and Free. Loving those, the elite few, I call my friends!!!

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3/12/2010 9:58 AM Premium
Nice work! Have you considered bidding for a spot on the Wall of Fame?



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