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Tree I stand alone. My roots deep in the sandy ground, Grass cools them in its scattered abundance. I stand alone. Listening to the groans of cows, The hummingbird's vibrating sound. I stand alone. My limbs stretched to the stars and sun, Oh how warm and filling the sun is. I stand alone. Stretched miles above my foes, Even among a forest I am alone. I stand alone. The sky my only friend. Those passebys think not twice about my glory. I stand alone. Too amazing for their brain to comprehend, Too thick for saws to cut. I stand alone. My glory is more than my fellow alone tree, Shaven and pale with fright., I stand alone. He is just the first to visit his sight. He has not the power to stand as I do, alone. But he may try. I am kind enough to let him fail When he is ready. -Andrea Edwards 5/30/09

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This is a poem written during a camping trip about a tree.


3/4/2010 1:43 PM Premium
Great work! Try to get more votes!



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Date: 1/10/10
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