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Days go By


The Days Go By The day you see the sky and night in one, the day goes by. The time you wake and sleep beneath the open sea of shine, the day goes by. The waking moment of your life to when your soul rests from it's run, the day goes by. The time you woke and walked to me, the day goes by. The day you cried and died for me, The time of a star burning bright in the black abyss, The waking cry of infant pups, The time you spoke of me, the day goes by. It all goes by like a string slipping through the fingers of Eternity. Across and through the thin grasp as you clutch at it. Never to hold still as the day goes by. Days go by. Days of dazed dreams and dreary waiting touches. A touch so warm to refresh the freezing skin, A touch whose gentle silken feel can ease the heart, A day that passes in pain and longing. Days of time better spent gazing at the clouds, Where nothing is wanted but to relax and cry. Where sobs cannot sever what ails the broken heart. Where the day seems to never want to end with the sun-crested sky. The days go by. The day you woke and it was over, words echoing in your mind. The time the sky flared and flashed so vibrant did it strobe. The waking cry of a scared child climbing into their parents reach. The time you sang out in horror and felt childish, the day goes by. Days go by. So do feelings, So does time, So does life. It all goes by, Slow or fast, Just right or in the blink of an eye, Just learn to let it go. -Andrea Lynn Edwards Wednesday, July 12, 2006

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This poem comes from the anxious realization that no matter how things happen, things will always move on. We cannot stop and stare at what has happened in the past because it cannot be changed. Relationships, happiness, even wealth can be mended, but only if we plan for the future.


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This is great! Try to get more votes!



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