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Spirit of the Stallion

Spirit of a stallion Because I am a young girl There is so much in life I must explore Even when things bring me down in a whirl I always pull myself up off the floor I forget what hurts most All the things that bring me to the ground I refuse to be beaten I refuse to back down I have people behind me Every step of the way People who encourage me every single day I might be young but Im full of spirit I catch the wind, and I travel with it I live every day, and I leave behind all remorse I break free of trouble, like an emancipated wild horse I want to live; I refuse to let myself die All I need, is that one rare chance to fly I will do what it takes And Ill go my own pace No one will follow me, life isnt a race I want to live my life, and go about my own will Dont try to stop me, Im not run of the mill

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Umm...This isn't all that inspirational, its more motivating if you ask me haha. But I absolutely love all of that Spiritual Beliefs and the animal spirits are what inspire me the most, and I thought that the Stallion might be a good inspiration in this case (: YET another sad attempt!!!!


9/30/2010 3:28 AM
Thank you very much! "Because I am a young girl"... Sounds good, I'll definitely think something up. Hopefully it'll be what you have in mind too. :)

2/10/2010 2:22 PM
What are you saying?!? This is exquisite. Better than most of the adult entries in the Valentine Contest. I like the opening line as a title for another poem. How would that sound..."Because I am a Young Girl"? Really invokes thought.

1/11/2010 8:07 AM Premium
I just came across your media. Good Work! Use the promote tools to get the exposure you deserve.



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