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This is my song "Maui" which I wrote in 1965 at Kamaka Circle where I conceived my son Joel when I was 22 years of age. The video opens with the crescent moon setting over Lana'i in a gorgeous magenta sunset from Lahaina Library Park. From there I cut to me making a new hammock at Launipoko Park where I go for a little swim. Then I went to Kamaka Circle/Mala Wharf where I'm finishing up my "Mercy" prayer rug. I go for a swim there too. The water was so warm, like a bowl of delicious soup. After that I go back to Lahaina Library Park and meet up with my son Joel and his friends. The birds were really going off at sunset as the sun turned the leaves of the trees to gold. Then Gigi, Joel's best girlfriend filmed us playing the song live. He's the one on the bongos. It was Aug 22, 2009, a warm Saturday night in Lahaina and people were swarming, boats were coming into the Harbor and leaving again with a new group of visitors. There was a live band on board and everywhere people had boom boxes and were having such a good time. There was so much cacaphony (noise) I couldn't even hear myself singing, so I had to try really hard to sing louder. That made me sing a little flat on some notes but we were so grateful to be there together at that moment, it didn't really matter. We'd been waiting so long to make the video and even though it's not professionally made, it was still very thrilling. Hope you like it. Finally the claw of the moon drops into the cloud bank hanging over Lana'i. I feel so blessed to have been able to make this video with my son. It's the first song I wrote on Maui 45 years ago. I hope this video inspires you to drop your weapons and lift your hearts to kindness and lovingness...and forgiveness. This is my gift to you, and I send you a big hug and kiss with it. I hope that you will feel the blessedness of family love and friendship with those in your lives, as I do in mine. Aloha....Harmony9


1/13/2010 6:23 PM Premium
Thanks for uploading this! I look forward to seeing some more of your work.



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Date: 1/13/10
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