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217 Marguerite Avenue Syracuse, New York 13207 Hendleyrj3@aol.com It has been four long years that I wanted to make it with you, so things change, time flies by and right now all I want is to make it with you I don't know if you understand me at all, I don't know if you really can Your life has changed from what I understand I am just trying to reach you with my hand I am afraid to ask anything of you I really don't know why it is so hard Maybe, I have no right to play this card just forget I mentioned it, it is only my heart I have fallen for so many in these last few years and all that time i was looking for you, I don't know what to do Now, I don't know how to tell you Why do I have to feel this way I don't want anything I guess It would just create a mess just count me as one lover less I never should have said anything, after all the time this feeling has been inside I will just have to take my feelings and ride I will just have to take my feeelings and BROKEN TIME Verse Repeat VerseRepeat verse Repeat VerseRepeat VerseHIDE!!! WRITTEN BY: JOHN RICHARD HENDLEY IIIBroken pieces of my heart, like a jigsaw puzzle that, only you can put back together In a world gone mad where I can think of no other

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This is a song lyric I am currently working on about some one who wishes they had told this person how they felt long ago, and is busy searching for her through others


1/19/2010 6:09 PM
WoW!!! This is BEAUTIFUL...sadness...bu t w/ a possibility of lifelong love n' happiness!!! I LOVE it :D...Can't wait to hear the music :)!!!



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Date: 1/15/10
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