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Life death and Triumph


Life, Death, and Triumph Only through the eyes of a bewildered child Can one see a line, a line between sanity and hell Between the tawdry walls of the mind and the soul Twists of faith are our only destiny Cornered between a dream and reality Sounds of the earth echoing in the darkness Flashes of light, In a room of mediocrity Surrounded by people Who live in a world of stupidity and simplicity At times, I wish I had such luxury The spinning wheels of my mind Altering what some people call reality One that exists only in death Life and death only exist in one dimension A dimension so close between life, death, and triumph That only the tortured souls will be gently thrown Towards the circle of light For we need release From the stupidity of humanity The crimes of the mind Need not be recognized For they are only dreams That cannot be conceived in truths Yet they are joyful, They would only contribute to lifes imperfections And push us closer to the realm Of the brainless society That we call democracy Yet it can only be the labor of our capitalistic ancestry That pushed us to the edge Of our own destruction Maybe not in materialism, Yet worse, in control I only climb to triumph beyond the mediocre For that is not difficult task Only to live with the animalistic Bodies of selfishness And not plunge oneself into insanity Is our adamant testimony of survival In a world which may not deserve Our quiet patience

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Date: 1/15/10
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