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The Dark Skies

Dark Skies The dark skies open Songs from my childhood Re-play in my head The rain subsides As I lay there on my bed I wake up and begin to run I look up But I am blinded by the sun The sun is burning, I try to hide But Im still lost and yearning Im running through the trees But I keep falling to my knees Im laughing out loud Im crying, Im grasping, Im screaming But there is no sound Im all alone when I turn around Whos calling my name? Im digging through my soul But I no longer feel the same Im falling through the sky Is it only in my mind? What is it that Im trying to find? Below my feet, I feel the sand Into the light, I reach out my hand The shadows have surrounded me Im dancing through my memories The fire is burning Somehow I feel connected But I think Ive reached the edge Am I protected? Now I can feel the ocean spray I wonder God, if I should pray I wont let go without a fight The clouds close in As the darkness wraps around me like the night Im lying there I hear a voice The wind in coldI have no choice I need someone to carry me across the earth Could this all be an endless search? Im sinking in Im fading away Im feeling very strange today The ocean calls me My anticipation grows Im crawling I feel the earth between my toes Now I think Ill disappear Into the darkness I have no fear

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3/11/2010 5:26 PM Premium
Good work! Link your friends and fans to this page to get more Fame votes!



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Date: 1/15/10
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