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awaking story

my comic concept story awaking" awaking strory part1&2 Current mood:  artistic Category: Writing note(the story legally protected by deviant art site)Awaking story part1"(prelude) writer&creator:Vasilis saroglou There is a world that is beyond the veil of mortal sight, a world known to few scholars and dreamers, a world with many names, although perhaps no one knows it's real name… This world is known only as the Dreamland… In this world of unparalleled beauty and limitless imagination, lives a girl named Christiana..... This world is said to be made from the very essence that creates the dreams of all beings. It is also said that it serves as the afterlife of the dreamers who died. There are many different planes of existence in Dreamland. .... For instance there is the Plane Of Loneliness, which is where the souls of those that died alone and lonely… Another plane is the Plane Of Healing Laughter, which is where all who were sick and died due to their illness, but died happy go. Yet another plane is the Plane Of Innocent Imagination, where the souls of the children with vivid imagination and dreams go. It is also said that there are many more planes, and the souls live there along with the original inhabitants of Dreamland..... Christiana was a natural born being in the Plane Of Loneliness (if one can call natural and ordinary anything in Dreamland). Yet her birth was caused by the imagination and fantasies of the young William Shar, who longed from the depths of his soul for a soul mate. Someone who could truly be his other half… Thus it can be said that William is Christiana's Maker. And perhaps his creation was perfect in all aspects. Perhaps so perfect, that she couldn't be born in the world of mortals. So she was born from the essence of William dreams, desires, and thoughts in Dreamland..... And indeed as happens with all Makers and their Creations, one is a part of the other, and that was the case with these two lonely souls. So being a part of William, she felt a unending and never stopping sense of loneliness and longing. The very sense that William felt. And truly it was too much a sorrow for them to endure… So Christiana not able to bear this burden, chose to end her life. And as happens with all those who take their own life in Dreamland, her dreamy essence transmitted into a soul. A soul that will be reincarnated in the world of mortals. But Christiana's longing for her maker will never leave her soul and it will be the catalyst for the rest of her mortal life..... Now, as for the young dreamer, whose name is William, he drew a parallel line in his course of life. He also took his own life due to the sorrow that raged within him. And as Fate apparently holds a very tragic sense of irony, which is also known as Destiny, William was reborn in the Plane Of Loneliness, of course without any knowledge of Christiana and her fate..... Thus starts again the search of these two souls for each other in a labyrinth of longings. So close and yet so far, the Maker seeks his Creation. But who is now the Maker and who the Creation?.... awaking part 2(the story) Let’s come to the present. It’s October in a suburb of a small town in Canada! 20 years later... It’s autumn and somewhere in a dull and gloomy city lives a lonely soul which maybe would prefer not to live with all those people who are called fellow men! Her name was Christiana. That name was so beautiful and innocent. It would fit only in a beautiful and innocent soul! She had finished her studies in Fine Arts. Concretely, she made a special study in the conservation of works of art. However she was working as saleswoman in a shop with old stuff. Her home was located close to a beautiful and seductive forest. Everyday she was waking up at 8 o’clock and she was going to open the store by her motorcycle. Her only friend was the black panther (she was going to the zoo and watching him every Sunday she was in love with him and they were unseperated friends). She was calling him Johnny. So many times she was talking to him like he was someone close to her just as her mother or her friend. Friend??? It was easy to say that word but it was difficult to mean it. Christiana had only 2 friends. The one who had moved with her boyfriend in London and the other that was called Sofia and was her fellow student in university. Sofia was working in a gallery that was next to Christiana's shop. Her daily routine had become so boring. Everyday she needed one hour to make her motorcycle start working. She was calling it “old fool”! Finally, the victory was hers and after a lot of efforts she was going to her work. Let’s see what’s going on with William in the Dreamland after his suicide. William was in the level of loneliness. The level of loneliness was for the people who had decided to give up their life by suicide. William was in that level until his meeting with the wise old man or in other words the judge of the land. In that meeting the judge would decide about his final condition. The 20 years until Christiana grow up corresponded with 1 year in the Dreamland. The day had come and the judgment had already started. William had one charge and one advantage. According to the law of the Dreamland his advantage was Christiana's creation and his disadvantage was his suicide. That suicide created panic and chaos because Christiana was already in the real world and he was in her world, in the Dreamland. When he understood what happened he was shocked and surprised because he had created such a wonderful girl and she was alive in the real world whereas he was in the humid and dark path of the level of loneliness. The leved of the loneliness was the worst of all the punishments! Even the worst criminals had food and some kind of amusement while he was alone, depressed and dirty. William asked from the judge to let him return to the real world. He wanted to see and touch his creation. He begged the jury, too. Finally, they accepted his request because he had good and pure intention when he created Christiana. There was only one term. William would be back in the real world. He was feeling great because he would see Christianna but she could not see him or touch him. He would be a ghost who could go and see her anytime he wanted. William could stay forever in the real world but not as a human being! That was the term of the court. Back in the real world there was Victor Jameson or “The Lonely”. He had a wonderful family. His wife was loving him so much and they had a 3 years old daughter and a dog. In the autumn of 2002 all the members of his family died in car accident. Since then had passed 7 years. He had made his second home the cemetery where his family was buried. On the grave of William Shar Christiana used to waste her time when she had nothing to do. She was listening to music or eating lightly. She had no idea that in that grave was buried her creator. Without his existence Christiana would not have been borned in the Dreamland and without his suicide she would not have been borned in the real world. Victor was tall and slim. He was 1.83 meters in height. He had black hair up to his shoulders and white skin. The color of his skin was the consequence of a rare blood-disease. Also, he had angles in his face, that were making him more commanding, and dark glance. It was Friday and Christiana had walked to her work because her motorcycle, the “old fool”, was not starting to work in spite of her efforts. When she was coming back she stopped by the cemetery to relax and listen to music. At the same time Victor had come from the back door of the cemetery and he went to the grave of his family. William had arrived in the real world and he was going to the cemetery to meet Christiana. He arrived and saw her! She was like an essential creature with straight black hair, white soft skin and big blue expressive eyes with the shape of almond. She was perfect. She was just like an angel and he was just like the god who created that angel. William was always believing that the charm of the beauty is like a painting. The creator was never forgotten and was always being unchangeable whereas his creation would be always memorable. But Victor destroyed that beautiful picture when he was coming close to Christiana. We could say that William was being jealous of Victor’s action because he was in love with her even before she was born. He had created her and now another man was approaching her and William could not do anything. Victor was chatting with her, they had met each other and they had exchanged telephone numbers! However there was not only the jealousy there was something in him that was bad and negative. There was a strange power which was surrounding him and which was making him a dark person. One month had already passed and Victor and Christianna was going on the meetings in the cemetery and the lasting many hours discussions. He told her that she was reminding him of his wife not only in appearance but in character too! However something was really wrong with him. Everything in life has 2 sides so, the Dreamland had her other side which was named Nightmareland. There was the negative and dark sides that everyone had inside them. Inversely in Dreamland only the good dreams and fantasies were becoming reality, just like what happened in the creation of Christiana. In Nightmareland Victor was the Commander of nightmares or the Lonely. He had the power to accomplish every bad thought he had. His aim was to make reality all the nightmares of people and force them to stop dreaming. As a result, the world of dreams would not exist anymore. Someone had to stop him and that person would be William Shar. William Shar was a slim young man with height about 1.82 metres. He had short brown hair and white skin. His eyes were grey and brown and that colour was changing late at night for inexplicable reason. When he was living in Earth he was occupied with the art of painting and the study of the history of the art. He was a pure artistic soul! But William was spirit whereas his competitor had flesh and blood. A hard and unequal fight. The judge of the Dreamland had told to William that he would had the possibility to taste the life only by being incarnated in the body of any animal. That incarnation would last maximum 20 hours and then he could be incarnated again only the next day. In the meanwhile, William was running after Victor everyday and trying to confirm his worries. One night William had gone to Victor’s room and he had learned about his plans by reading his diary. His intention was to make Christiana fall in love with him and rule by winning the Dreamland and making the humanity lose every hope in dreaming. He had to invent something to stop him. Also, William would never allow the loss of Christiana's purity by letting her fall in love with the evil Victor. Victor had perceived William’s presence but he could not understand what was creating that feeling. He have been in Nightmareland to take some advices of the 3 dark fates: the denial, the discord and the punishment. ?hey told him that Christiana was created by William Shar. He was an artist and he had created her like a dream when he was living in the real world. Afterwards, she killed herself because of her loneliness. She was searching for her creator but he had died. So, Christiana was born in the real world to mortal parents. Also, William was roving in the real world as a spirit and was watching Christiana and Victor. Victor was informed now about the person who entered to his office and read his diary. The time was coming for those two men to fight for Christiana's soul and for the whole world, too. The world of the Nightmareland was similar to hell. There was all the unhappiness, misery, badness and discord that anyone could imagine. In Nightmareland was all the people who had bad experiences or those who liked to create bad energy. Every kind of monsters, bad situations, murderers, criminals was there. Even imaginary creatures was there like demons or gobblins and other scary and bad things. Whatever can think a wicked mind. On the other hand, the Dreamland was just like heaven. There was all the happiness. All the good thoughts and fantasies was there, too. You could see there happy couples, horses with wings and wonderful sites. In Dreamland was setting peace and love. There was only happy faces and thoughts there. The representatives of those two worlds, William and Victor, would fight for those worlds and also for Christiana's beauty and soul. One fo those two men would win and would demand that beauty. A regular Sunday had come and Christiana had been in the zoo too see and feed the panther. She was calling him John or her “love”. He was her only company and true friend apart from Sofia. However, she had not seen Sofia for a long time. Victor was following her and when he saw her he approached her silently. When came next to her he started his confession. He told her that he was deeply in love with her and he was thinking of her all the time. Christiana was looking a little frozen but not negative. At the same time William appeared and he was watching them from the panther’s cage. “Before i ask you if you want to be my girlfriend i will show you something for me that you have to accept” Victor told to Christiana. The only thing William could do was watching them. As a spirit he could not do anything. He knew that Victor was ready to take Christiana in the Nightmareland and capture her soul for ever. Victor raised his hands to the sky and suddenly the darkness appears everywhere. The animals went mad and started yelling because they had smelled the evil presence. Christiana was scared and started trembling. She asked him who was him and what he wanted from her. He told her that it was a long story and he had to show her his real face and the place in which he was belonging. She was crying and was begging for help. William had to react quickly and without fear. He brought in his mind what the wise old man told him. He had indicated to William that he could get in any animal’s body but not in a person’s body. He was needing a wild strong and impressive animal to win Victor. That animal was the panther! Victor’s eyes had become red and he opened the gate of the Nightmareland. The wind becoming stronger and the darkness had dominated over the planet. You could say that it was a total eclipse. In that moment Christiana was on the corner and was crying with sobs. When Victor tried to catch her hand felt that something very sharp had carved him and make his hand bleeding. It was the panther who did that. William’s soul had got in panther’s body. Since Victor had the power to create anything bad and negative he made a sword and he tried to stab John. Contrarily, John with the good and positive power that he had he brought an angel-warrior who hit Victor on the other hand with his glaive. Also, he had brought a flying horse which would take Christianna to a safer place. Now Victor was fallen down on the gorund, was hurting more and was bleeding. He ordered the earth to branch out and strangle the panther. However, John with his sharp teeth and nails started cutting down the big roots. The angel-warrior was helping him by cutting down the roots with his glaive. When he saw that a horse with wings took Christiana away he ordered to come a big red dragon and taktake him to her. He was running after her for a long time. Until the panther went up on the big wings of the angel-warrior and he tried to stop Victor and save Christiana. Fire came out of the dragon’s mouth and burned angel’s wings. As a result the panther would fall down on the ground. Immediately and with no delay and created with the power of his thought a huge feather which helped him to fall down smoothly. Finally, nothing happened to him. But he could not find Christiana and the dragon. He was looking to the sky and he was hoping to find some trace from them but nothing was appearing to him. In the meantime he heard a screaming. It was not Christiana the one who was screaming. It was Victor. Something happened to him but what? The panther had not attacked him. Next it was the downfall to the zoo next to panther’s cage. William was curious about what could happened. And then he saw Christiana coming down with a huge hawk! “What made that happen?” Since William had not created something like that. Otherwise how Cristiana created that? She had inherited the power from her creator but that power was not so big in range and creative as William’s power. She needed to be more concentrated on what she was doing. Even Christiana was wondering how she had managed to do that thing. She thought very intensely the picture of the hawk and the hawk appeared to her. She was scared but also surprised about the power she owned. She was saved and she had to think a way to take away Victor from there for ever so as he could not harm anyone anymore. He was being dragged on the ground, he was wounded from the nails of the hawk and he had wounds all over his body! He was begging her for mercy. She would not kill him. She would transform him into something that it would stay forever in the eternity but it would not be capable to harm anybody. She would capture him and she would call him nightmare! There would be a painting which would deceit the hawk. Victor would be roped by the hawk in the roots and he was ready to take off to the dark sky. So, that was done. The painting was created adn the Dreamland and the earth were safe now from the bad influence. Then she turned to the panther, she caressed him on the head and she told him: “my man you saved me thank you”. William was happy and satisfied for saving her even if he could not touch her or talk to her. The only thing he could do was sucking her hand! Maybe she would never know about him... Maybe...! But she was safe now and that was mattering. Christiana decided to take John secretly to the backyard of her house since she was living alone (*) in a house which had its own garden. There she would build for him a small and safe house, she would feed him and she would take care of him. She came out carefully so that anyone could not see her. The next day the employees of the zoo saw that the rails of the panther’s cage were bended. Also, they found some roots which were uprooted and fallen on the ground and the painting which was made by Christiana next to the cage. Four years had passed since then. Let’s see what is going on in Christiana's life. Because of what happened to her four years ago she decided to open an office which was named “Dreamland”. All the people who had lost their hope for a better tomorrow and they were suffering from nightmares were going there. It was like a place which was giving support to sensitive souls. (*)Note: Christiana when she was 18 years old decided to live alone away from her parents since she would work and she would have j her own money. At the beginning they had some objections but they could not prohibit her from doing that because they knew that she had a tendency to go away. She had gone away from there many times. So they let her do that. Since then they had some contacts but mainly they are talking on the telephone. Her dad had died from a heart attack. ?er life was in the same style with the deference that had her friend, John the panther or William. He was her creator and he was happy for that. Also Christiana had bought a new motorcycle but she did not throw away the “old fool” she kept him in the garage. Finally, William (John the panther) may not was regular human but he could see her and touch her. The only thing he could not do to her was talking to her. From the era that he was human he had kept one characteristic. The change of his eyes’ colour every day and every night. That was his creator’s detail of fantasy when he was creating him as a picture in his mind.

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this is my concept story awaking that i write"
this story is a concept for comics but i have only write the story,and i search for someone to make partnership with me and work as artist for this story,everyone that interesting after read this may contact with me here or in my space page myspace.com/swordbynight


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Great Stuff! Try to get more votes!



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