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159657.txtI see you,I hear you,I watch you.When you look,I have to turn away. I cant let you know how I feel for you.It burns me up inside,not knowing if you feel the same.I want to know,I want to tell,But I cannot say.It scarres me,Even thinking of telling you.When your around,You make my heart pound,I cannot breath.It burns me up,Makes me sad,Not knowing if you know,or how you feel.I want o know,But to scarred to learn.I burn thinking of it. Everyday, in class, i sit right next to you.And everyday, the desire tobe your's grows stronger and stronger.You walk by, my heart flies out of my chest.You talk to me, i have butterflies.You ask for a hug, my legs feel like jell-o.You smile, i feel like I'm about to faint.Not knowing how you feel makes even the happiest of days sad. But i promised myselfthat one day, i will tell you.The funny thing is, You are the only onewho can make my heart beat faster and slower at the same time.My friends ask, "Why do you like him so much?" The truth is, i don't even know. Since the first day i meet you, i knew you were amazing. Your my everything now. Your funny, cute, sweet, and smart. You make me feel like nobody else ever has. I really fell for my ex, but he let me fall. He mad me feel like i wasn't good enough for him. You. The look you give me makes me feel like I'm the mos beautiful girl in the world, even if i know for a fact that I'm not. When i catch you staring at me, you look away. You always know how to make me laugh, how to help me not to cry. Basically, your the most amazing boy.Page 1

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Poems i Wrote Myself(:


1/18/2010 8:07 AM Premium
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Date: 1/17/10
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