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this song was written because my cousin is getting married and i got the invitation and my woman friend really wanted to go but for the last couple months iv decided i dont want to be a woman friend might as well just have huge wuss tattooed on my face so this song talks about when i go to that wedding i cant help but notice that her chair will go unfilled and that i would have liked her to be my plus one but to her i am a filler of the empty seat not the one meant to sit in it an irony for the entire time that we have hung out. the line i wont wish on a shooting star talks about lately my optimism that things that seem unlikely rarelly are made likely. i like this song alot almost has an r.e.m. styling to the way versus are sang tell me what you think


1/23/2010 9:07 AM
Nice tune : )



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Date: 1/23/10
Music: Alternative