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dear mom and dad. (valentines day poem)

160099.txt i know i may only be thirteen, but kids fall in love too, you must see. we just keep our secrets to our defend. so parents dont emberrass us to their friends. yes, we do kiss and hug our lovers but no---- nothing involving innapropriate things with covers... dont worry mom, dont worry dad. were just kids, and thats that.Page 1

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i wrote this, parents dont undertsnad.


2/10/2010 7:44 PM
And I'll bet its just that your mom & dad are concerned. They probably understand, because all us moms and dads used to be 13.

2/10/2010 7:43 PM
This is really good Molly. I bet your parents are proud of you. I like this better than most of the poems that grown-ups have written. So I voted for you and famed you too.

2/3/2010 10:55 AM Premium
Awesome work! Try to get more votes!



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Date: 1/23/10
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