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Mr. Perfect


Mr. Perfect Hes everything that you werent looking for, But he is your support system despite that fact, Because in his eyes in his eyes, And yes his eyes alone, You are as precious, As sweet and as perfect, As can be, He wishes that you could see how much of a gentleman that he can be, But you wont do that one little thing and hes sad that you wont, So he covers this up by buying you gifts, Even though hes far from materialistic, Just to get closer to you, Because he sees you as you, Not as everyone else views you, But as you actually want to be seen, And that is the you that you have always been, Youre one of Gods gifts to this here Earth in his mind, Which you are on all of the time, Unintentionally of course, And your love is the only cure for the headaches that he is constantly feeling, And hes always hoping with all of his might that you will let it sink in, That the two of you are meant to be together, Im calling Mr. Perfect, Where could he be?

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finding love where you least expect it.


2/3/2010 9:37 AM
So...You got some of my votes for sure...and a Fave/Fame/Fan!!! :) Keep up the good work...I'll swing by every now n' then and check out more n' more of your writings...looks like you got quite a few!!! Keep on Keepn' on, U R a STAR! :0)

2/3/2010 9:36 AM
...the love they have found in another...and in their mind, they plead w/ this person...try their everything to somehow show them that they are the perfect one for them :)! This really is beautiful, and I honestly wish you the best of luck!

2/3/2010 9:35 AM
Hello :)...I was in the Valentines contest...checkn' out some of the newer entries, and read yours :)..I really like this!!! Its so full of beautiful notions of love and yearning!! To me, it tells a tale of someone wanting to hold on to

1/24/2010 10:55 AM Premium
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Date: 1/24/10
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